Beauty Talks: The Art of Skin Care Cocktails


When I was a child, I have to say that I don’t find skin care routine to be appealing whenever I saw my late mother and grand mother did their routine. Probably because most of the time they tend to got their skin care products from dermatologist, and I found most of dermatologist product to be very chemically scented, in which, of course, I don’t find to be appealing as a child.

Even until I was in college, the time where I started experimenting with make up, I still didn’t interested yet with skin care. Well, I did apply moisturizer and SPF, use exfoliating mask here and there, and cleanse my skin really well, however, I just did that because my mother asked me to.

When I got a chance to visit Seoul in 2012 and 2014, I even didn’t bought any skin care there. Hello? Not buying any skin care in the capital city of K-Beauty? Whenever I passed by Banila Co. store back then, I even think that spending more than $10 for cleanser is crazy, though I quite like the samples of Banila Co. Clean It Zero that I’ve got because I purchased their make up.


That until I found The Fruit Compote and Deszell’s Instagram account at late 2014. Their skin care routine that always consist of products that I’ve barely heard back then in Indonesia intrigued me. Especially with the way that they cocktailing their skin care so often, depending of their skin’s situation. They always use different brand and products for different purposes. Well, since I’ve growing up with the concept of skin care routine is almost always consist of one series of skin care products, their concept interest me.

At early 2015 I decided to did my own experiments of skin care cocktailing. I have to say that it’s not a smooth and easy path. There’s a lot of trials and errors; I suffered from major dehydrated skin for at least 1 year, there’s a lot of money and products wasted because it turned out that not every high rated product worked well on me (Yeah, that happened, a lot).

Nevertheless, for me, it is worth the hassle. Along the journey, I got to learn more about my skin condition; I got to learn that my skin is not oily as I used to think, that my skin will react to certain ingredients, that good diet and lifestyle is one of the most important aspects to our skin condition, and that’s just because my parent’s genes are good, there is no guarantee that my skin will be just as good as them, so I need to find my own perfect routines and lifestyle.


The most important thing that I’ve got to learn for the past four years is the importance of listening to your skin. There is no definite formula of skin care routine. You don’t need to follow the same routine in every single day since your skin will have different condition every now and then, hence the reason why you need to pay attention on your skin’s needs.

For example; when you feel like your skin super dry, you might need to double up your moisture and avoid exfoliating product; when you feel like your skin is dull, you might need to add antioxidant, vitamin C, or other actives such as BHA and AHA into your skin; or when you feel like you already on the right track with your skin care routine but the pimples are still showing up anyway, you might need to cut your dairy and sugar intake. So remember, there is no definite in skin care routine, and what might works for other people, doesn’t mean that it will work on you as well, so don’t be sad if a certain hyped product makes you broke out.


Nevertheless, I think this whole skin care cocktailing concept is one of the way to keep skin care routine interesting and doesn’t bore us. We got to try new products here and there, and it’s exciting whenever we encounter new HG product for our skin. I’m not saying that sticking to use one series of skin care products is bad, but the most important thing is to stick to the perfect routine that works the best for you! Because skin care routine would work if you make it a routine, after all.

So, what concept of skin care routine that you prefer? Skin care cocktails? Or just stick to the good ol’ using one series of skin care routine? Leave your thoughts on the comment section bellow and let’s discuss it together, shall we? 😉

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