My Current Daily Makeup: February 2018 Version.

As I’d like to keep my makeup natural and nothing too extravagant, I tend to keep my makeup routine pretty similar for at least 3-4 months. At some point, some of my products would be empty, therefore I would replenish it with other stuff with similar purposes. Nevertheless, my routine would be more or less the same. Maybe I would tweak it a bit with some shimmer for special occasion, like wedding party and gala dinner. So, without further ado, here are the stuffs that I use lately for my makeup routine!


Foundation: Espoir Pro Tailor Liquid Foundation

The first time I got this, I’ve got to be honest that it is way too thick for my taste. Since I’m into natural complexion, of course I wasn’t really gravitated towards this foundation, no matter how Korean bloggers raved about it and said that it is the dupe to Lancome foundation. However, since I hate to wasting up products, after I finish Innisfree Cushion and VDL Metal Cushion Foundation, I finally give this foundation another try and apply it just half a pump for every application. And it surprises me that I’ve come to love it with this trick. It would make my skin dewy, cover my discolouration perfectly, and not overly thick!


Concealer: The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

I don’t get the hype with this concealer. Well, it’s a decent one, but I personally prefer the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, and somehow the now already emptied CLIO Kill Cover Concealer work better for me rather than this concealer even though at first I said that it is way too drying for my under eye area. I don’t know if my skin condition change to more normal-combination these days due to weather or not, but at some point I feel like this concealer is so moisturizing that sometimes it tends to make my super waterproof eyeliner transfer to my eyelid if I use it as eyeshadow base. So lesson learned: never put this concealer as eyeshadow primer/base!


Powder: RCMA No-Color Powder

Since I have dry skin, I only use powder to set my under eye and my eyeliner. It’s super rare for me to put it on my entire face. Therefore, I finish any powder in 1,5-2 years in average. This powder is just as good as the Innisfree No-Sebum powder for under eye area. And I think it’s not as drying for the entire face, so this RCMA No-Color Powder definitely worth the hype for me personally. Since I will running out of it for at least 6 more months, I am thinking to replace it with the classic Laura Mercier Translucent Powder or the super cheap Pond’s BB Powder that all have the rave lately.


Eyeshadow Palette: Lorac Pro Matte Palette

There are no days without this particular eyeshadow palette for me! This is an old photo of it, the time where I only use it for the first month. But fast forward to today, I already hit pan on Base, Linen, Latte, Pink Mauve, and Burgundy. Yeah, that’s how much I love this palette!!! This palette for me is so versatile. It’s definitely good for daily, and if you happened to need some punch for special event, just add shimmers from highlight, et voilà! Your eye look would be amazing!


Eyebrow pencil: ARITAUM Matte Formula Eye Brow Pencil

Hands down, my favorite eye brow pencil, ever! It’s works really well to achieve natural brows, a little goes a loooong way with this guy, and it’s cheap! If you can’t get your hands on the famous Shu Uemura eye brow pencil (or want a good dupe of it), I highly suggest you to try this one!

Eyebrow mascara: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow

This is perfect if you get your hair coloured or if you have light colour mascara! I got the darkest colour available, and I use it mostly to set my eyebrows and to get it a bit volumized.


Eyeliner: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h

Well, not my favorite eyeliner from K-Palette due the fact that it’s hard to remove it and it leaves marks on my eyelids, especially if I forgot to put eyeshadow bases or accidentally put The Saem Concealer on my lids, ugh! But still, it’s better than most eyeliner in the market, because it is Japanese liners. But, repurchasing it? Nah.


Mascara: Flow Fushi MOTE Mascara

My favorite mascara ever! Love it equally with the fame Kiss Me Heroine Waterproof Mascara! If there’s anything I prefer from this mascara, is the fact that it stays in tact even though it’s not waterproof, and it’s super easy to remove it, yay! 🙂


Blush: NARS Blush in Sex Appeal

I’m always into natural blushes. Always. And there is no secret that I’m head over heels with this NARS Blush in Sex Appeal. It’s just sooo natural and so flattering even for everyday use! No wonder Koreans seems to love it so much! If you happened to love Benefit Dandelion, I’m pretty sure that you would love this as well.


Bronzer: Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

Ooooh, the best smelling bronzer, ever! It’s smells heavenly, coconut scented that makes you feels like you are on the holiday! It’s super easy to blend and the colour is natural as well. If not because of the bulky packaging, I wouldn’t mind to bring it for travelling!


Lippen: BLP Beauty Lip Coat

I’d like to use different lipstick everyday, but most of the day, I would prefer to use my ultimate favorite liquid lipstick, that is the BLP Beauty Lip Coat! It’s not only comfortable, have the best formula, and non-drying, but it’s also super affordable! They recently released their latest formula with new shades that easily became my ultimate favorite, stay tune for my review for the newest formula soon!


Highlight: The Balm The Manizer Sisters

My go-to palette whenever I need something to “popped” my make up look for special occasions. This palette is everything! It’s really pigmented, easy to blend, and very versatile. Need to use it for highlight or for your eye’s inner corner? Use the highly popular Mary-Lou. Need to use it for eyeshadow? Use Betty-Lou. Or you need romantic looking eyeshadow or you need something to pop your blush look? There’s Cindy-Lou. You can definitely use it for everything!


So, do you ever tried them? Or do you have anything to recommend for me? Please don’t mind to share it with me in the comment section bellow!



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