Beauty Talks: What is your weakness in beauty stuff?


Everyone must have that “something” that they prioritize, something that they easily cave in when it comes to beauty stuff. No matter how much the price, they will easily splurge on it because they just love that specific stuff so much. As for my fellow beauty addict friend, her weakness is blushes and eyeshadow palette. She probably already have almost every shade of NARS blushes and Majolica Majorca Liquid Blushes, and every blush and eye shadow palettes that currently on trend. Yep, Urban Decay NAKED Heat Palette, every big palettes from Too Faced, Anastasia palettes, etc.

It got me thinking. What is my own weakness in beauty products? Something that I don’t really mind purchasing no matter how expensive it is (well, eh… not La Mer or Natasha Denona expensive, but you got the point, right? Lol). If you follow me for a while, you must be know that my weakness is must be skin care products, not make up.


Well, that might be true. There was a time when I splurge on foundation and cushion, but since I hate wasting products, I decided to stop purchasing more foundation until I finish all of the foundation that I own. Yeah! I’m on #missionempties for my foundation and cushion foundation since 2017, lol. That being said, nowadays I decided to splurge more on skin care, especially beauty oil and hydrating toner.

Why hydrating toner? Well, I love hydrated skin. Especially when I have dehydrated skin. I know that a good hydrating toner, no matter how cheap or expensive they are, it would be such a game changer in your skin care routine, trust me. There’s also a reason why 7-skin method is big in K-beauty in the recent years. “Skin” in Korean skin care terms is the equivalent to “Toner”. Yes, my darling, Korean also love their hydrating toner. 


Ah, face oil. Another game changer in my routine! 2017 such a great year for skin care for me because, again, face oil! I fell in love with the Trilogy Rosehip Oil within the first month that I use it, and I never coming back again! I finally understand why almost every skin care fanatics love beauty oil. Beauty oil is such a wonderful invention, you see. It works as potent as serum with their wonderful ingredients, yet they lock all of the hydration that you layered on your skin perfectly. Even if you have oily skin, look no further, and just try it! It will definitely make your skin better, more stable and less oily! Though The Ordinary comes up with affordable options of face oil that I loved, I have to say that I wouldn’t mind to spend more on beauty oil because I know that it will be worth it!


So, what is your weaknesses in beauty products? Liquid lipstick? (Ahhh, yes, actually me too, at some point!) Foundation? Serum? Sheet Mask? Powder? Primer? Highlighter? Please do share it with me in the comment section bellow and don’t forget to share your favorite products that you would like to recommend also! 😉

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