2018 Birthday Wishlist!

Since it’s February, and my birthday is coming up, I obviously have lots of beauty wish list, regardless of I will ended up getting them or not, lol. Been eyeing a few of raved products that I wish I could purchase during my birthday month. If you already tried these product, make sure to leave your thoughts on the comment section bellow! Hopefully it would make me made the decision on which one to purchase which one not worth to purchase! šŸ™‚


1.Stila Glitter On the Go Liquid Eyeshadow Set

This products is all over youtube on 2017. At first, I have to say that I’m not interested on them in the slightest since I’m not really into glittery eye makeup. However, literally everyone can’t stop raving about it and even Sydney from Sydneytoyou already repurchased the Kitten Karma, I ended up considering to get this as soon as possible, lol!! Ā Have you tried this? Is it really that good? Please do share your thoughts for my consideration!


2. J.One Jelly PackĀ 

Oh, the corset maker for the skin. Similar with the Stila one, at first I’m not really interested on this. But since my friend keep talking about how good it is, I ended up really curious about this. This product is actually not that sparkling brand new, it’s been quite a while since Korean actress Ha Ji Won released it. So, it’s practically a primer that have skin care benefits. Since in general it took a long time for me to finish a skin care product, I was really hesitant to purchase this product or not. However, since everyone’s reviews on it are always positive, I might get them this month!


3. Lee Geehaam Grow Vita Propolis Ampoule

I think this is one of the OG to the Propolis Ampoule in K-beauty. I think the majority of K-beauty followers already tried and loving this serum. It’s pretty expensive I guess for the tiny size, hence the reason why I keep postponing to buy this serum from a couple of years ago. Now, Lee Ji Ham rebranded their brand into Lee Geehaam and change the packaging of the serum, but they say the formulation is 100% the same to the old one. Hopefully I could get it in near future!!


4. Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Modern RenaissanceĀ 

Another not so sparkling brand new product! Everyone that know me probably already know that I’m not really exploring my eye makeup and rarely buy new makeup palettes. But since my friend keep saying that it is that good and I notice that it has more matte shadows and the colour is just so so pretty, I might consider to purchase it for my birthday! Well, this or the Too Faced Peachy Matte palette. Ugh. Decision, decision.


5. SkinFood Royal Honey Propolis Essence

I honestly rarely purchase anything from SkinFood these days, let alone experimenting on their skin care products. However, since Liah Yoo said that thisĀ SkinFood Royal Honey Propolis Essence is just that good, even better than theĀ Lee Geehaam Grow Vita Propolis Ampoule, I am really really curious to try this one. Especially when they have the same price and this SkinFood one have twice the amount of the Lee Geehaam one. Hopefully I could get it soon!!


6. Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

I tend to avoid luxury brand’s cleansing product for so many reasons. First, they running out really quickly, second, I can’t afford to repurchase it if I happened to really like it. Nevertheless, ever since I try the Sunday Riley C.E.O Cleansing Oil and really love it, I am really curious about thisĀ Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil,Ā especially since lots of beauty bloggers that I follow said that this cleansing oil is their HG product. However since this cleansing oil is that pricey *sigh*, I don’t know if I could get it for my birthday. Hopefully I can purchase it sometime this year!!



2 thoughts on “2018 Birthday Wishlist!

  1. Oh that Stila glitters shadow has been my list for a while. Just can’t decide to get it because I don’t know whether I will use it enough. I have such a love and hate relationship with the J. One jelly pack. With certain combinations of products it does tighten and even out things. With others not so much. I am still a bit confused about it. Haha. Can’t wait to hear if you get some of these products.

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    1. I know right, for me, I also scared that I won’t use Stila glitters shadow enough, lol. Ooooh interesting insight about the J.One jelly pack since everyone that I know seems always raving about it!! Thank you for your insight! Will definitely put it into consideration! Xx

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