Beauty Talks: Oh, The Drama!

There are lots controversies surrounding beauty brands lately. From this week alone, even the brands that always made me excited with their products, Glossier and DECIEM, also got some controversies that made me taken a back and rethink to purchase more of their products in the future. Well, let’s have a discussion here: Would the drama and controversy around particular beauty brand makes you consider to purchase their products?


Well, as for me, I would definitely rethink to purchase anything from them at first. Even if I am really curious or a huge fan of the brand. And then I would look further at the controversy and the company history and how the company reacted to the controversy. If the brand and the PR handle it professionally and their past is clean, there are high chance that I would ended up purchasing their products.

However, if they handle it unprofessionally or rather, made even bigger drama from the controversy, eh I would skip the brand entirely, even if their products being raved everywhere and no matter how good their products are. In these times and days, where anyone could stated their opinion freely in any platform, there are high chance that beauty guru, bloggers and influencer’s opinion would also make you took sides. In the end for me, you are free to have opinion. Just don’t push anyone to have the same opinion as you.


Of course there are several brands that still made me a wee bit hesitant to purchase their product because of controversy, particularly Too Faced. I’ve always wanted to purchase their eye shadow palette. However, because there are lots of gossip and controversy regarding the palette, I’ve always taken a back to purchase any of their eye shadow palette no matter how my friend keep gushing about it. The founder’s attitude towards some scandal sometimes made me question their brand even more.


However, in the end, there will be a time where I slowly forgot about their controversy and ended up purchasing their products again. I even crushed my promise to myself on not purchasing Korean sheet mask ever again, though the Korean sheet mask scandal was pretty big and off-putting because it involved with sanitary issues because I just can’t help myself when I see everyone keep raving about new and interesting sheet masks (Oh, the power of beauty influencers).

Well, how about you? Will any of these controversies and scandal affect your judgement before you purchasing particular product? Why? Please do share and discuss with me in the comment section bellow! 😉

2 thoughts on “Beauty Talks: Oh, The Drama!

  1. I feel like these days it’s easier for drama because of the internet – gossips and truths are spreading easily and it can help or make stuff worse but I feel like such dramas makes us more interested in these brands – especially if they are new for us, customers. I keep buying Too Faced palettes because this is the only brand I’ve tried before which is good for me – I’ve tried couple other brands like theBalm and I’ve ended up with allergy, but I remember a scandal related to polish cruelty-free brand called Sylveco, they used to be popular – lots of vegans and vegetarians used them and once they decided to sell sets with leather cosmetic bags, after that I’ve stopped buying their products as a gift for friends to show them some polish beauty products.

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    1. I know right!! Well, in the other side, I think it’s good that us, customers got a chance to see various point of view before we purchased a certain products. Wow, just heard about Sylveco 😦 So sad! I really hate it when brands are really hypocrite. 😦


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