[REVIEW] Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow Duo

I think I’ve already mentioned a couple of times previously that Drunk Elephant is one of the brand that I really curious to try for so many reasons. Being raved by every skin care bloggers that I follow, their great brand’s philosophy, and their super cute yet clever branding are only few reasons out of many. However, since their pricing is just as expensive as Sunday Riley, I keep hesitating to buy it or not, and finally last year I took the chance to purchase it to prove the greatness of this Drunk Elephant products by myself!


A daily dose of vitamins for your complexion.
You take your vitamins every morning, so why stop there? This daily dose for your complexion delivers powerful antioxidants to firm and brighten while replenishing essential hydration. Witness your glow every day.

B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Gel Like a cool drink of water for your thirsty skin, B-Hydra™ is a refreshing gel that provides nutrients and delivers long lasting hydration. Uniquely formulated with pro-vitamin B5 and pineapple ceramide, B-Hydra™ helps to diminish drabness, dryness, uneven texture and the appearance of fine lines.

C-Firma™ Day Serum A super-potent vitamin C serum packed with a powerful antioxidant complex of 15% l-ascboric acid and ferulic acid, plus essential nutrients, fruit enzymes and a chronopeptide that transforms into vitamin D. C-Firma™ works synergistically to help skin appear firmer and brighter.

Drunk Elephant is committed to using only clean ingredients that either directly benefit the skin’s health or support the integrity and effectiveness of our formulations. We never take into account an ingredient’s synthetic or natural status, but instead choose based on biocompatibility. You won’t find what we call the “Suspicious 6” in our products (Essential Oils, Drying Alcohols, Silicones, Chemical Screens, Fragrance/Dyes and SLS,) making them appropriate for every skin type. We believe that these six ubiquitous ingredients are at the root of almost every skin issue. When formulating the products, we focus on pH and safety, always making sure that the active ingredients are at efficacious levels. This is the Drunk Elephant difference.


– 8 ml B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Gel

– 8 ml C-Firma™ Day Serum

1. In the morning, immediately after cleansing, apply C-Firma™ evenly to clean, dry face, neck, chest and backs of hands.

2. Follow with B-Hydra™, apply to face, neck, chest, hands…or any place on your body needing increased hydration and moisture.

Ingredients:Water/Aqua/Eau, Ethoxydiglycol, Ascorbic Acid, Glycerin, Laureth-23, Lactobacillus/Pumpkin Ferment Extract, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Ferulic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Chondrus Crispus Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Lactobacillus/Punica Granatum Fruit Ferment Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Juice Extract, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Tocopherol, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Acetyl Glucosamine, Hydrolyzed Quinoa, Glutamylamidoethyl Imidazole, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane, Tetrahydrodemethoxydiferuloylmethane, Tetrahydrobisdemethoxydiferuloylmethane, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Glycine, Sucrose, Maltodextrin, Propanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide, Xanthan gum, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Isohexadecane, Polysorbate 60

Ingredients: Water/Aqua/Eau, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Pentylene Glycol, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Berberis Vulgaris Root Extract, Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon) Fruit Extract, Lens Esculenta (Lentil) Fruit Extract, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Coconut Alkanes, Panthenol, Sodium PCA, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Sodium Lactate, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Cyclodextrin, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Citric Acid, Chlorphenesin, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

Cruelty-Free. Recycle for Earth’s Sake. Supporter of IEF (International Elephant Foundation).

Animal Fats/Oils/Musks, Benzalkonium Chloride, Benzophenone, Bisphenol A (BPA), Butoxyethanol, BHA, BHT, Chemical Sunscreens, Coal Tar Dyes, 1,4-Dioxane, -Cones, Detergent, Essential Oils, Ethanolamines (MEA/DEA/TEA), Formaldehyde, Fragrance, Hydroquinone, Methyl Cellosolve, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Mercury, Mercury Compounds, Mineral Oil, Oxybenzone, Parabens, Phthalates, Polyethylene Glycol (PEGs), Resorcinol, Retinyl Palmitate, Retinol, Siloxanes, Thimerosal, Toluene, Triclosan, Triclocarban


The first time I got these babies arrived on my house, I just thought, oh, well, how small they are for the price, lol. But that was something that I already expected from this sample packages, because by now I already used to expensive brands sample packages that only provide teeny tiny bottles of various products with pretty hefty prices, lol, C-Firma™ Day Serum and SK-II to name a few. However, I couldn’t be anymore excited because I’ve always wanted to try these product (and Drunk Elephant Marula Oil, hopefully I could purchase it sometimes this year!)  for the longest time, and it’s finally here!!

The first product that I know that pretty basic and didn’t require special strategy and routine to incorporate it to my routine is of course the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel. I actually don’t have any expectation towards this product except that this could be the more expensive version of my favorite hydrating toners such as Hada Labo Gokyujun Premium and Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner. I even already prepare myself if this hydration serum / pre-moisturizer disappoint me like the much raved Innisfree Green Tea Serum. However, this supposedly “basic” skin care product really impressed me by the ability of plumping up my skin! It’s like, the hybrid of my HG Hanyul Optimizing Serum and Hada Labo Gokyujun Premium. For me that already tried lots of hydrating toners, this is really saying something, because nowadays it’s hard for me to be impressed with new hydrating toner / pre-moisturizer / hydrating serum. The texture of this product is gel like, like the name implanted, and it’s easily spread to the skin without any greasiness left.


As for the C-Firma™ Day Serum, this is definitely the product that made me curious for the whole Vitamin C raves and Drunk Elephant as a brand. However, the fact that Vitamin C is not a stable ingredients and there are a lot of talks that since Drunk Elephant’s sample packaging is not in airtight form like the full size one, there’s a lot of cases where the C-Firma™ Day Serum is oxidized by the time the customer’s received it. That is the reason why I keep hesitating to purchase this product, especially when I lives faraway from the States and no one can guarantee that I got the freshest batch possible to avoid the oxidation. And yet, my worst fear really did happened: I got the oxidized C-Firma™ Day Serum. 

I noticed this because it happened to be more orange in colour rather than the pale yellow colour that it supposed to have. Nevertheless, since I can’t return this serum or anything, I braced myself and apply it to my skin for two to three weeks, knowing that oxidized Vitamin C would do more harm than good to your skin. But, I think at that moment, it is better for me to proof that it’s already gone bad rather than throw it right away since it ain’t cheap, my dear, lol.


And even if I cautious enough to put it on my skin (with once every three days first, and then escalated it to two every two days), I realize that this serum give me a little breakout or two, and it’s unusual since I consider my routine to be quite balanced at that time, and I haven’t got breakouts for 1-2 months at that time *knock on wood*. But once this serum give me this bad reaction, I decided to stop using it after three weeks, because I already know that this serum is oxidized already, and I don’t want to damaged my skin even further. So, lesson learned, if I want to buy this serum, or any Vitamin C serum on that matter, I better buy it through a friend that having vacation on US, or I shall wait for Drunk Elephant to be expanded to Indonesia, so I could get the freshest batch possible.


So, is this package worth the price or not? Definitely, I think, especially if you could get the freshest batch possible. By the time that I purchased this package, I was aware that there’s a high possibility that I could ended up having the oxidized C-Firma™ Day Serum. But I’m not saying that the serum is bad, since I already got it in the bad form. Since the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel really impressed me, I have so much hope for the Vitamin C serum, and if I could get a chance to get it by myself or buy it through a friend that having vacation on US, I would definitely consider to repurchase it.

So, have you tried this Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow Duo? What do you think? Do share in the comment section bellow! 🙂


3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow Duo

  1. So sad to hear that your Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum has already oxidized when you got it 😦 I have also read a lot about this serum and I tried looking for it all over the internet, but I can’t find it in my trusted online shops, I can’t risk buying a really expensive serum on a random shop I found online because who knows if they’re even selling the real deal? Haha. Anyway, I really do think that it’s better to ask someone you trust to buy it for you if you can’t buy it yourself–same goes to other skincare products. Anyway, I’m glad that the hydration gel worked for you! I still don’t know how or when will I be able to get my hands on any Drunk Elephant product, but I hope I can experience them first hand as well. Great post, by the way! Very informative 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right, there’s always a risk to buying skin care from third party. Even if the online shop is trusted, we can’t guarantee that they have the most fresh and mint condition of the products! 😦 . Thank you for stopping by! Hopefully you will get a chance to try Drunk Elephant products soon! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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