Tested Samples: January 2018


If you are a shopaholic beauty stuffs, you must already know that one of the perks of beauty shoppings, are the samples. Especially if you purchase something from Korean brand; they are very very generous of the samples for you to try. Nevertheless; even if western brand tend to give fewer samples than the Korean ones, I think it’s still a good thing to get samples, because we get to try them before we purchased the full size one, especially if the price is crazy high. So, without further ado, here’s my tested samples for this month!


1.Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector Liquid Blotting Paper 12-Hour Shine Control

I think people crazy about this product a couple of years ago… or is it probably the Cover FX product? Well, nevertheless, I think because of my dry skin that prone to dehydration, my skin just tend to avoid mattifying products, hence the reason why I prefer moisturizing and glowing primer rather than pore blurring primer. This primer reminds me a lot of the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Smoothing Primer that I already reviewed in the past. These kinds of pore blurring silicone based primer tend to caked my makeup, so for my personal preference, I don’t think that I would buy the full size. However, if you have combo or oily skin, and love to use silicone based primer, maybe you would like this one. And as for me? Perhaps, I would go to purchase Becca Backlight Priming Filter or Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer sometimes in the future.


2. Blithe Soothing & Healing Green Tea Patting Water Pack

I got this sample sometimes last year, and though I’ve always intrigued with Blithe as a brand and always wanted to try a couple of their products, this particular product never got my attention. So, I just don’t know what to expect and pretty clueless on how to wear it because the samples lack of instruction and everything is in Korean, lol. That is why, when it surprisingly works really, really good on my skin, I was pleasantly surprised! So, this is apparently a shower mask – a mask that you put in the bathroom upon showering for just 15 seconds with patting motion. Confused? Don’t be! Here’s Glow Recipe’s instruction video on how to put it on your skin. Initially I don’t have any expectation around this mask, however, after I used it, I’m surprised that it makes my skin noticeably smoother and plumper, and makes the skin care that I put afterwards absorbs way better into my skin! If not only for the $45 pricetag, I must’ve already repurchase this product. :’)



3. Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel

I got this from Bioderma travel packages, which consist a couple of travel sized / sample sized product of Bioderma (full review of the package coming soon!), and honestly I already tried this product maybe two years ago. Nothing special with this product I guess… It’s just lightly moisturized your under eye area. However, since my friend told me that Bioderma is crazy cheap in Europe, especially France… if you want to invest eye cream to avoid fine lines (Avoid, not reduce!!! Reduce fine lines is a whole lot different story), this is quite a nice product from drugstore, I would say, but just don’t expect this product to magically reduce fine lines, dark under eye, and depuff your under eye area, because first, even the most expensive eye cream won’t do all of those things, and second, you will need a whole lot different product and treatments!


So, have you tried these product before? Please do mention in the comment section bellow!



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