Skin Care Thoughts: The Art of Patience

Perhaps almost in every my skin care tips posts, I always, always include “Be Patient!” in one of the tips. Well, that’s not without a reason, though. Because you see, I’m quoting Lamuqe here; getting through your skin problems is the same like you went through diet to achieve a good body. You can’t expect an overnight result. You have to commit to your meal plan, to your workout schedule, as well as your healthy habits in order to be successful to achieve your body goals.

And that’s also applicable on skin care. You have to commit on your skin care routine that work the best for you (I know that finding the perfect routine would takes time, so yeah, another “patience” needed) , eat healthily, if you can’t totally avoid sugar and dairy, at least consume them moderately, like once a week. (Because, trust me, cutting sugar and dairy would do wonders on your skin!!!!) . If you already did that, you would expect your skin to be change for the better at least in three months. And if you keep doing good on your routines, your skin would be better and better and better in time, trust me!


So, why am I writing about this again? 

I want to tell you a story, months ago, I think it was more than 6 months ago, I forced my skin to extract blackhead with that blackhead tools. I did the correct method and I already sanitize my tools. However, because I was so eager and didn’t have any patience to remove it with any other way back then, yes, I successfully remove the blackhead, however, it leaves a black-kinda-scar that would made an illusion that I have a super big blackhead or mole on my nose. (Thank God my friends keep thinking that it was a mole!) I was so frustrated and keep blaming myself, why I did that in the first place.

I gave up and kept thinking that the only way to remove the “scar” is by laser treatment in dermatologist. However, because I know that laser treatment could be expensive and removing this “scar” is not my priority, I just still going on with my life and accepted this “scar” as a part of myself, and still doing my routine as usual.


However, a few weeks ago, I tweaked my routine a bit. Mostly because I want to try the new products that I bought months ago. And it turned out that most of the unopened products are mostly actives. I did a bit changes in my routine here and there, I started to use exfoliating toner, non-comedogenic moisturizer that everyone’s been raving, and several days ago, I try the Fiddysnails’ method to remove blackhead because I solely want to finish the strong BHA Product that I purchased solely for this purpose, and keep using the Sunday Riley CEO Cleansing Oil because I hate to not finishing product as soon as possible.


And then yesterday, it was just happened. A day after I use the Fiddysnails’ method, when I did oil cleansing on my skin with the Sunday Riley CEO Cleansing Oil at night as usual, I feel like the blackhead inside that “scar” area was just particularly popping. (Lol, pardon me for badly explain the situation). And then I use my blackhead extractor to extract the blackhead; and suddenly all of the blackhead and the scar was extracted!!!!!! I follow up the routine as soon as possible because I don’t want to make the scar “scarred” again.

Oh My God, so that was a huge blackhead afterall… lol.

And I don’t know which one is working the best at “extracting” this huge blackhead/scar, but I think this whole new routine, the Fiddy’s method, and the Sunday Riley CEO Cleansing Oil just work together perfectly in harmony to remove the blackhead scar. And I cannot be more happier afterwards!

Therefore, my dear friend, no matter what skin issues that you currently have, please do be patient, keep doing and experimenting with your skin care, workout, and eat healthy, and trust me, miracle will happened to you eventually and you would achieve your best skin days! 🙂


PS: I will share with you my current routine and the said product reviews in near future!

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