[REVIEW] Dove 3 in 1 Make-Up Removing Foaming Cleanser


If you follow my blog from a long time, you must know that I took cleanser seriously. Because I have sensitive skin, I am particularly reactive to drying cleanser that will make my skin feels rather tight and dry. Ugh, I just hate that feeling! Therefore, I am always on the hunt for the good low-pH cleanser, that preferably comes with a really good price point as well.


Since I always have the tendency to check the latest and newest product from drugstore whenever I visited shopping malls, of course I was one of the first ones to know about the existence of this product amongst my friend, lol! I even notice that this product comes first before the tube version that I reviewed and loved since months ago. It took me awhile before trying this particular one because this foaming version one is noticeably more expensive, like 3 times more expensive than the regular tube one, the tube one cost me around $2.5 while this comes with ~$8~$9 in price. Plus, I also have a doubt somehow with this brand, since I don’t really like the shampoo for one reason and another.


And then during business trip, my friend swear by this cleanser, she said that this is that good. Curious, I finally tried it and surprise, surprise, it’s just as good as the Hada Labo Foaming Cleanser that I really loved! It didn’t dry my skin out, the foam is so dense yet airy, which develop cushiony layers on top of my skin, and it left my skin clean without that stretchy and tight feeling!


Nonetheless… is it worth the pretty expensive price for a drugstore cleanser? Well… if you know me, I run through foaming cleanser in a flash, I am really really bad at controlling the amount of foaming cleanser that I use, hence the reason why I stick to tube cleanser these days, because it’s usually easier for me to control the amount of the cleanser that I use. Well, for me personally, I don’t see myself to repurchasing it for that reason alone. I would rather purchase the tube version, that I feel like work as well as the foaming version.

Especially that I don’t really need that “Make Up Removing” ability that I never tested out anyway, because I always double cleanse or even triple cleanse my makeup and sunscreen. Furthermore, I don’t really trust that “Make Up Removing” ability, lol.


However, even if I said that I won’t repurchase it, I still think that this is a pretty good cleanser, nonetheless. If you are already used to spending middle high drugstore brand like Nuxe, Bioderma, La Roche Posay, etc, this is definitely much more cheaper, and really worth your shot if you want to look for a good facial cleanser.





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