[EMPTIES] Body Care Routine


As I have dry skin, of course I would rely on body lotion every now and then. For the last 2017, I got the chance to try several body products that I’ve never tried before, and here it is: my first body care empties and review in 2018!


1.Aromatherapy Associates London Balance Body Lotion

During my business meeting last year, I got to stay on hotel that provides Aromatherapy Associates as their amenities. Never heard this brand before, but I just know that this is a pretty luxury brand, perhaps the same level with L’Occitane, because of the branding and packaging. One day, I found that Hidden Harmony World that almost always use luxury brand, posted one of Aromatherapy Associates product on her Instagram. Well, my theory proven right! Lol.

I am not the biggest fan of Lavender scent, and boy oh boy, does the first ingredients on this Body Lotion is Lavender Oil. However, in terms of formulation, hydration, and moisturization, I am positive that this is my favorite body lotion in this post. As i’m the biggest believer of beauty oil, this wonderful body lotion consist of lots of beauty oil on its ingredients list, which is definitely a blessing to put on our skin. Giving our skin a massive hydration without the greasiness? Oh, yes, please!


2. Mustika Ratu Hand & Body Lotion Tuberose and Shea Butter

This particular body lotion is the cheapest one out of all body products on this page. However, don’t underestimate its performance! I already repurchase this one multiple times on 2017 alone. Mustika Ratu is Indonesian traditional body care and make up brand that always have lots of option of body care with Indonesian traditional ingredients and scents, and this Tuberose scent is really, really, traditional. It smells really nice, as I already have lots of compliments whenever I wear it, and give our skin lasting moisturization as well. Love!

3. L’Occitane Creme Mains Hand Cream

Even though there are rare times where I like to purchase high end skin care, but most of time I’m a cheapskate, lol. I got this famous L’Occitane Creme Mains Hand Cream during one of their event in shopping malls that required me to join their games first before I got to have this sample, lol. Nonetheless, it’s a good hand cream. It smells neutral, give my dry skin proper hydration, etc; However, I still think that The Body Shop Hand Cream that have half the price of this hand cream works just the same. Well, as for now, maybe I would continue to use my The Body Shop Hand Cream first.


4. Cottage Crème Mains Réparatrice Hand Cream in Caramel and Lavender

I got this one for Buy 1 get 1 promo, and boy oh boy, this is definitely my least favorite amongst the other body care that I’ve tried in 2017. The consistency is weird, it’s not adsorb well to the skin, the scent, even though I’m the biggest fan of cake scented everything; more often than not I found the scent to be disturbing. Ugh, no wonder it comes with Buy 1 Get 1 promo. Definitely won’t repurchase it in the future!




Well, as for now, this is my first body care empties and reviews in 2018. Do you like this kind of post? Do you share same thoughts with me or have you tried anything from this post? Do you have another body care recommendation for me? If you do, please do share your comments bellow!





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