[REVIEW] Votre Peau Magic Blue Pea Flower Eye Cream


I think for fellow beauty addicts from Indonesia, Votre Peau is no longer a stranger in Indonesian skin care market. Votre Peau is a brand under Maharis Clinic, that focused on skin care. Their Vitamin C was a big hit several years ago, and it seems like it’s everyone’s favorite. I personally haven’t try the Vitamin C yet, because, yeah, I’m pretty cautious at adding actives on my skin care routine.

Several months ago, I saw this newly launched eye cream, and since the price is really cheap (only around $8~$9!), and I’m running out of eye cream anyway, I decided to try it. Several local beauty gurus also seems to love it. Well… I guess there’s nothing wrong to try it since I’m always up for something new, and I’ve been wanting to try Votre Peau products anyway, but always confused on what to try first.


[In Indonesian]

Dengan kandungan Shea Butter dan Blue Pea Flower berfungsi sebagai antioxidant, mengurangi garis halus dan kerutan bawah mata, menyamarkan bayangan gelap pada kantung mata.

Eye krim ini digunakan pagi malam atau malam hari saja. Teksturnya lembut, sangat pekat, sehingga cukup melembapkan daerah sensitif seperti di bawah mata.

Blue pea flower memiliki nama lain bunga telang, berasal asli dari Indonesia. Perkebunan bunga telang tersebar di bali dan jawa, dan sering digunakan sebagai bahan makanan, dan sari nya mengeluarkan zat warna alami, sehingga krim mata ini berwarna biru. Bunga telang telah digunakan secara turun menurun karena khasiat kesehatannya.


In terms of packaging, I have to say that Votre Peau really nailed it. It’s chic and classy, I even wonder how they do it since it comes with a really affordable price for an eye cream. Votre Peau Magic Blue Pea Flower Eye Cream, as it names suggested, this eye cream’s main ingredients is the Blue pea flower and also shea butter. It also have caffeine in the ingredients, as it’s common in eye cream to help depuff the eye bag.


This is the first time I encounter eye cream with this thick, odd consistency. I found that it’s pretty hard to blend it rather than other eye cream, well, I personally would prefer creamier eye cream. It feels like I have to drag the eye cream on my undereye area, which is unfortunate for me since it would add wrinkles in the future.  And you have to be cautious if you put it under make up. If the eye cream application is too thick, it would make your concealer pretty cakey, so remember: a little goes a long the way with this eye cream. A teeny smaller than pea size of this eye cream could cover both under eyes.

If you’re not putting it under makeup, I feel like this eye cream is pretty okay, though I don’t have any opinion regarding the brightening effect and depuffing effect since I was born with a pretty dark under eye anyway. I use eye cream mainly because my under eye area is really dry, and in terms of hydration, I would say that this eye cream is pretty okay.


What I don’t really like about this eye cream is the fact that if I throw out the plastic inner cover, it would create this dried up film above it. If you are into baking, it similar with when we make a custard and forgot to cover it with plastic wrap, it would create unwanted skin film upon it. Well, since I think that this is their first formulation of the eye cream, if Votre Peau consider to reformulate the eye cream, I would suggest to make it creamier and make the consistency to be more stable as in it won’t dries up quickly even if we throw out the plastic inner cover.


Would I suggest it to anyone? Well, yes, definitely. Even though the consistency is not ideal, I still think that Votre Peau’s effort to bring out an affordable eye cream is such a breakthrough move in Indonesian local skin care market. My personal suggestion for anyone that want to try this eye cream (and any eye cream in the market) is to lower your expectation. There are lots of debates in skin care community in terms of eye cream is really work for you, or it’s just another mediocre moisturizer. I won’t take sides here, but don’t expect that your under eye would brightened up instantly because it takes more than eye cream to do that. However, you still need eye cream to avoid wrinkles as it would help to moisturize your eye area!

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