Beauty Talks: 2018 Beauty Resolution

Well, now that 2018 is already here, I want to write my beauty resolution for this year. Perhaps, this is my first ever yearly beauty resolution, as I rarely made any new year resolution anyway (afraid that I won’t be able to achieve it, lol!). But, it’s always fun to set specific target, hopefully I would achieve these resolution by the end of the year! 🙂


1.No buy until the end of February!

I am guilty of over purchasing last year. Furthermore, somehow after my birthday haul, I always tend to choose more pricier things rather than low-key drugstore item. *sigh* Luxury is a drug, indeed. However, since those are definitely bad news for my bank account since I’m trying hard to allocate my money for different things right now, I decided to hold my shopaholic mindset and try to not to purchase anything until this February! Wish me luck!

2. Explore more drugstore / affordable beauty products!

Continuing on the first point, I really want to purchase the necessities more on the affordable side this year. So, perhaps you will see lots of affordable brand reviews on my blog for this year? Hope to find lots of wonderful discoveries on the drugstore this year! Sssst, should you have drugstore / Indonesian local brand stuffs recommendation for me, please don’t be hesitate to leave it on the comment section bellow! 😉


3. Eat healthy!

I considered myself pretty successful at cutting dairy products last year, since I was really addicted to milk, cheese, etc since little child. However, since the result of cutting dairy product is pretty amazing, I want to step up my game this year and try to cut sugar (well… maybe consume it less, since it’s not realistic to cut it down entirely) and eat clean and healthily this year. My father is also a health conscious person, and he said that if I want to have that flat tummy dreams of mine, I should really watch out on everything that I consume. More protein, less unnecessary things, he said. Wish me luck! 🙂

4. Work out routinely

I suffered from lots of stress last year, which resulted on my body’s condition is not entirely fit. I tried to work out more regularly again from last December, and the result is not just I feel like my body become more fit, but also my skin condition is never been better!!! Wow, it’s like, glowing from within, which I love! 🙂 Therefore, I want to work out regularly this year, to achieve good skin, and if it’s possible, to reach those flat tummy like Gigi Hadid, lol! *Finger crossed*


5. Find Menard Tsukika Lotion Moist more affordable substitute

It’s been two years I guess since I religiously only use Menard Tsukika Lotion Moist as my toner. And while I do still love it, and my skin still does love it, too; I want to find other option since I’m starting to bored of it. Therefore, I’m currently on quest of searching the other toner, if possible way more affordable, that would work out for me. I’m currently eyeing the COSRX Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner or the COSRX Centella Toner. Should you already tried both of them and want to give me some insights, or perhaps have another affordable toner recommendation, to enlighten me in the comment section bellow! 🙂

6. Play with more actives! 

For the last couple of years I tend to stay safe on my comfort zone with skin care, only focusing on hydration. While that’s not entirely bad, in fact it helps my skin’s condition very much, I think it’s time for me to dwelve into the world of actives and be less afraid of it. So, expect me to write a several of reviews of actives products through out the year of 2018! 🙂 (P.S: Once again, if you do have recommendation on acitves product that contain Vitamin C, AHA, or BHA, do mention it to me on the comment section bellow!)


Well, for me, I think that’s all for my 2018 beauty resolution! What is your beauty resolution this year? Please do share it with me! 🙂

Happy new year, and have a great year ahead!




2 thoughts on “Beauty Talks: 2018 Beauty Resolution

  1. Rekomendasi toner mungkin Klairs Supple preparation toner, tapi entah itu sebanding dengan menard atau nggak, hahahaa.. kalau cosrx galactomyces kayaknya kurang oke ya, soalnya aku coba essence-nya dan itu so-so aja (atau belum nampak hasilnya), daripada cosrx mendingan missha fte.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wah, thank you ya rekomendasinya! Aku personally cocok banget sih sama Essence Galactomyces, makanya agak penasaran sama tonernya :). Belum pernah nyobain Klairs sih tp selalu penasarann, thank you ya once again untuk inputnya! 🙂


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