Februaryth’s Top List: Best of 2017

It’s here, it’s here! The annual Februaryth’s Yearly Top List. I have been trying lots and lots and lots of product this year, some hits and misses do occurred, nevertheless, I think 2017 is a good year of beauty experiments for me, since this year, I discovered one of the greatest beauty invention ever! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you must be know what I’m talking about, lol. However, if you’re curious to know what product is that, please do read this post until the end! 😉

So, here are my 2017 Top List with no particular order:


Best Activating Serum: Hanyul Optimizing Serum

Activating Serum is the same step as “First Essence” / “Facial Treatment Essence”, it basically works to elevate the performance of serum that we will use afterwards. Even though I’ve been loyally use that-uber-famous-expensive-first-essence-that-you-must-be-known for more or less 1,5 years, I didn’t see any significant benefits from that product. However, this Hanyul Optimizing Serum had made me amazed and made me a believer that Activating Serum really does wonder to your skin!

It’s not just elevate the performance of serum, but on its own, it made my skin significantly more plump and smooth! I also notice that this product help me to control pimple at bay. Sadly, this product is pretty hard to get outside Korea, so, if you really curious to try this one but can not get the access to purchase one, you can try COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence that I considered as the much more affordable dupe to this Hanyul Optimizing Serum.


Best Eyeliner: Flow Fushi Mote Liner

Lots of people consider that this is one of the best Japanese eyeliner in the market. Well, that’s not without a reason. I consider eyeliner as the necessity on my routine, and I have to tell you that I’ve been trying lots of eyeliner for the past 5 years, and amongst my trial and errors, I have to say that Japanese eyeliner always wins in terms of longevity and application. And, dare I say that amongst those Japanese eyeliner, this Flow Fushi Mote Liner is the best Japanese eyeliner that I’ve tried so far.

The pigmentation is on point, it’s extremely easy to use, extremely easy to achieve a precise cat eye look with this product, beginner friendly because of the pen applicator, it last all day long without the need to touch up and I don’t find the need to set it with powder, and it’s super easy to remove. Not to mention the super chic packaging if we going to compare it to its contender, K-Palette or Dolly Wink. A must buy product from Japan, for sure!


Best Drugstore Moisturizer: Hada Labo Perfect 3D Gel

I almost forget to include this on this list. However, when I think about it, last January 2017, I was so amazed with this product, I even include it as my Product of the Week! Perhaps this Hada Labo Perfect 3D Gel don’t give me that exciting feeling again these days. However, I must admit that I definitely rely on this product entirely through out the year. And I think I have to mentioned that this is my most repurchased product in 2017.

So what’s so special about it? To sum it up, this is a lifting gel that will lift your skin while give you the moisture that it needs with its Hyaluronic Acid formulation. I personally think that this is the perfect night moisturizer for people in humid country like in Southeast Asia, because it’s pretty light with gel consistency. Furthermore it is pretty affordable at $8~$9.


2017 Best Discovery: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

The product that enable me to the wonders of beauty oil: the one and only Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil! This cult product is truly amazing, no wonder almost every skin care guru talk about this product. This product really help me to keep acne at bay, stabilize my skin’s condition, and lock all of those goodness that I layered into my skin beforehand. If you really curious on why almost every skin care guru raved about beauty oil, and confuse on what product to try first, I highly recommend you to try this one first because as far as I know, this is one of the best oil in the market. Furthermore, I personally think that the price is pretty reasonable. Though it’s not the cheapest oil in the market, at around $20 for the smallest size, it is also not the most mind expensive product, either. Believe me, it is really worth to try!


I have lots of contemplation before purchasing this particular eyeshadow palette. Why? Because I want a palette that I know that I would constantly use, I don’t want to purchase it blindly because “it’s currently on trend” since I rarely experiments with my make up, anyway. Therefore, after browsing here and there, and after eliminated several brand that I initially wanted to buy, I decided to choose this Lorac Pro Matte Palette.

The main reason because it’s all comes with matte shades, I’ve got enough glitters and shimmers from the Urban Decay Naked 2 that I rarely use, anyway. And it comes with the perfect daily shades! Furthermore, Lorac always famous for its super blendable formula that I’ve always curious about and it’s not way too expensive either. Thankfully, I made the right choice! In the last month of 2017, I already hit pan on the 5 out of the total 8 shades, so you definitely know how much I am in love with this product! brow3

Best Eyebrow Product: Aritaum Matte Formula

Hands down the eyebrow product that I used the most in 2017. I remember to purchase it on the earlier this year, but even if I use it constantly for almost a year, a little goes a long way! I still got half of the pencil on me at the moment. What I love about this product is the way that it gives me just the right pigment on my eyebrow, not too bold, very natural and definitely buildable. You just can’t go wrong with this eyebrow pencil, I think, and this is definitely a beginner friendly product. Doubted as the dupe to Shu Uemura famous Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil, I think this is a good starting point if you curious to try the Shu Uemura one but don’t have the budget yet to purchase it. At only $3~$4, this is without a doubt, is one of the best affordable eyebrow product that I’ve ever tried!


Best Cushion Foundation: Laneige BB Cushion Whitening

I’ve tried lots of base makeup for the past 2 years, until I decided to stop and finish those product first before purchasing the new one. And from all the cushion foundation and foundation that I’ve tried through out the 2017, I’ve got to say that this Laneige BB Cushion Whitening stood out in terms of formulation and application. This product never caked my skin, it has moderation coverage, looks really natural, and never dry my skin out (usually cushion product will dry my skin out). Laneige really improve its formulation since I’ve never got a good experience with its previous cushion product! I’m a happy customer! 🙂


Best Affordable Oil: The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil

This year, I’ve tried almost all of the oil that The Ordinary got on their lines. The Rosehip Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Marula Oil, and the Plant Derived one. On a side note, since I just started experimenting with the Plant Derived one, I can’t say much about it. Nevertheless, amongst The Rosehip Seed Oil, Argan Oil, and the Marula Oil, I’ve got to say that The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil works the best on my skin. It’s not as heavy as the Rosehip and the Argan Oil one, yet works significantly better to balance my skin. Furthermore, it’s almost scentless if I’m going to compare it with the other oil. Repurchase? Definitely!


Best Mask: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

2017 is the year when I give a second chance to the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask and falling in love while doing so! I finish one and a half jar this year alone, and this is definitely the saviour to my sleepless nights and unhealthy lifestyle. When you know that your skin is going to be bad due to your unhealthy habits of lacking sleeps, this mask will help your skin to make your skin looks like you have enough beauty sleeps! Furthermore, this mask would also help to balance your skin and avoid pimple as well. What’s not to love about this mask, seriously?


Best Mascara: Kiss Me Heroine Make Perfect & Curl Mascara

Man, there’s a reason why everyone, especially everyone that into K-Beauty and Japanese Beauty raved about this product! Don’t be sad if you’re not born with naturally long and curly eyelashes, because this product will help you to achieve the most natural long and curly eyelashes that would beat any “natural look” fake eyelashes! It is apparently also budgeproof and waterproof, so you need to have a really good waterproof eye make up remover to remove it! I recommend you to remove it with this or this. So, if you looking out for the perfect waterproof mascara that would help you to achieve the longest eyelashes ever, you know what to look for!


Best Occlusive Moisturizer: Banila Co. Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Cream

I’ve always really curious to try this Banila Co. Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Cream because all of my favorite K-beauty bloggers with similar type of skin with me seems to like this cream so much. Furthermore, it has one of the prettiest and expensive looking packaging ever! (Travel friendly, what? I can always depot it to smaller jar 😛 ). This moisturiser do great things to my skin. It locks all of my skin care that I put underneath really well, while still give me even more benefits with its honey, propolis, niaciamide, and lots of goodness on its ingredients. It’s also comes with a subtle honey scent which I like! If you happened to have dry skin, do give this one a try!


Best Anti Ageing Product: Sunday Riley LUNA Sleeping Night Oil

I’ve always been scared to try retinol based product because it usually will dry your skin out, and a very tricky ingredients. At first, I have no expectation from this Sunday Riley LUNA Sleeping Night Oil that I got together with the Sunday Riley Sunday School Set. It is not the product that made me want to buy the whole set anyway. However, it surprises me that this is become my most favorite product from the set. (It shouldn’t come to a surprise though since it is an oil based product, and oil is my 2017 most life-changing products anyway.)

Nevertheless this product really help me to plump up my skin, regenerate my skin without the dryness (thanks to the oil based formula!) and lock the rest of the skin care regimen that I’ve put underneath this oil. If only this product come with an affordable price, I will surely stock it up in my vanity! 😦




In retrospects, wow, it’s finally here: the last day of 2017. There’s a lot of good things happened for me this year, Thank God 🙂 , hopefully 2018 will be as good if not better! Have 2017 being good for you so far? Do you have any interesting plans to do on NYE? Do you share any favorites from my list above? What is your favorite beauty product from 2017? Please do share on the comment section bellow! 🙂

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