2017 Highlight and Favorite Things

It’s been rainy days here in Jakarta for the past month, especially these couple of days, the rain is just unstoppable that I couldn’t take a proper picture for my review! 😦 Maybe that would explain why I post more Skin Care Talks post for the past week; I hope you won’t get bored! 😦 Well as for now, since it’s still been raining, and in 10 days the year would be change… OMG, I know, right?? I want to share with you my highlight of 2017 aside of skin care and beauty products. My favorite movie of the year, my favorite TV series, anything! So, let’s get started!


Favorite Purchase: UNIQLO x Ines de la Fressange, UNIQLO U x Lemaire, and UNIQLO x JW Anderson T-Shirt

I have special sentiments towards UNIQLO because I used to work there a couple of years ago, lol! That being said, since I pretty much understand their work ethics and how they maintain their quality, UNIQLO is probably one of my favorite retail store. And even if their collaboration never got much hyped like H&M Collaboration, I somehow still prefer their collabs, probably because I could still get them at mark down prices, lol!!! 😆 Good quality and affordable price, who wouldn’t love that? 😉

Favorite Episode of a TV Show: Netflix’s Master of None Season 2: Religion

Master of None is probably one of my best finds in 2017, seriously! Where have I been? Their jokes are low key but relatable and on point. Aziz Ansari never seems to trying really hard. In this particular episode, I found that the entire concept interesting and I could relate to their jokes and story, since I’ve been growing up as a Muslim myself. Since I’ve studied in art school and most of my friends acted like Ansari and his cousin, I simply couldn’t stop laughing out loud at their behaviours.


However, the end of this episode really hits me, especially when his father said, “It’s not about eating pork, it’s not about religion. It’s about you ignoring us, not realizing who you are. When you acted like this, we feel like we failed you. Look, man, you can drink, you can eat pork, you can smoke Mary Jane; That’s your business. But when you do it in front of Mom, it hurts her feelings.”

It hits me especially when my family and I are pretty religious, and I really could see his parents’ points. What amazed me even more was the fact that Ansari could turn that sensitive and heavy subject into something light and funny.


Favorite actor in 2017: Cillian Murphy

Remember me raving about Peaky Blinders several months ago? Well, I’ve got to be honest that this particular British series really opened up my eyes about how well executed, how well developed, and how good the actors and the actresses acted on this series. There are tons of senior and award winning actors and actresses played their roles here, and that includes Tom Hardy and Adrien Brody. However, this series really made me realize how actors that most often than not always got the supporting roles in Hollywood, like Cillian Murphy is truly, truly, *that* talented. I thanked Nolan to introduces me to Murphy from his movies, but I have to thank Steven Knight to letting me know about Cillian Murphy’s true potential.


Favorite book in 2017: Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s It’s Not an All Night Fair

Pramoedya is one of legend in Indonesian literature industry, he is probably considered as Shakespeare or Hemingway because every single literature that he wrote always considered as classic. However, even though I consider myself as a bookworm, I tend to avoid his book because I think his novels are too heavy and complicated to me. This thinnest book of him was my first novel that I read this year, and I simply blown away with the premise of the book. It’s a book about life, about family, and the reality that hits once we lost our parents. This book is not trying too hard nor pretentious, yet it makes us  reflect about our life with just 100 pages. My friends even said that this book is a perfect entry book if we want to dwelve more into Pramoedya’s works. They even considered this book as one of his best literature. Since this book also translated in English, if you happened to find this book, you just have to grab it! This book is a must read, indeed!

Favorite Food Trend in 2017: The Salted Egg Hype!

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Source: Foodirectory

Even before the hype, I always love salted egg dishes, especially the salted egg buns that we could find at dim sum restaurant! That is why when this salted egg trends starting to get hyped up from the end of 2016, I just couldn’t be more excited, and I *just* have to sampled every salted egg dishes and chips from almost every restaurant in Jakarta, I even experimenting with a couple recipes and trying it at home, lol! So far, my favorite Chicken Salted Egg menu is still from Sec Bowl by Rius Vernandes! The consistency and the taste is just perfect, it’s creamy but we could still get the perfect taste of the salted egg! I couldn’t even replicate his version of Chicken Salted Egg at home, lol!


Favorite movie in 2017: Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

I just couldn’t be any proud that nowadays, Indonesia could create a very well executed movie like this Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts, and even successfully representing Indonesia at a few International Movie Festival! Not only that this movie is visually beautiful, the premise is also important, it talks issues regarding the unspoken truth about women, especially in third world country. Marsha Timothy is one of my favorite actress from Indonesia ever since I saw her in Joko Anwar’s Forbidden Door, and in this movie she successfully nailed her role. If you like story about feminist with some killing action, with beautiful natural scenery, plus with some unique old Japanese style camera movement which I love, then this movie is definitely for you!


Favorite Cover in 2017: Vogue US September Issue: Jennifer Lawrence by Bruce Weber. 

Love everything regarding this shot. For me, this photo speaks a lot of emotion and things. Too bad not one single bookstore in Jakarta imported this version of Vogue September issue to Indonesia, so I couldn’t get my hand on it! 😦

Favorite Recipe: Banana Cake with Browned Butter Cream Cheese Frosting from Sally Baking Addiction

Have I told you that I love to bake and my favorite recipe blog is Sally Baking Addiction? I’ve tried lots of her recipes in the past and hands down, this is probably one of the most tastiest cake that I’ve tried this year (and pretty successfully made by myself, I would say? 😛 ). This cake is really worth the hassle, even my non-sweet tooth brother and father love this cake also!! You really should try it by yourself! 🙂


Source: Sally Baking Addiction

Well… those are several highlights and favorite things from 2017 that I could think of as for now! What are your highlights from this year aside of beauty related products? Please do share your favorite things this year on the comment section bellow! 😉

Have a good year and happy holiday!





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    1. I know righttttt, his Hollywood roles wasn’t give him any justice! 😦 Hopefully in the future Christoper Nolan or other directors could see his full potential! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Xx


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