Beauty Talks: How to heal cracked heels?

I think at some point of their life, women have suffered from cracked heels. Well, I’ve been suffering from cracked heels too now and then. My late mother used to asked me how I treated them because she saw that apparently my heel’s condition was way better than hers. Well, in my case, I don’t find the need to pedicure and other expensive treatments as long as I follow these simple rules that you might find helpful. Please do read this article until the end if you want to found out more! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  1. Remember the basic body care rules.

Body care is more or less similar to facial skin care. However, because our skin body is not as “reactive” as our facial skin, we often neglected our body care routine. If we already understand the basic facial skin care rules, hydration first; and then moisturize to lock the hydration, this system is also applicable to our body care routine. I like to apply lighter lotion before more occlusive body treatments such as Vaseline Petrolium Jelly to lock the hydration and let it treat the dryness from within.

Honestly, I personally think that oil is a way better product in order to treat cracked heels, and work much faster, too. However, I found that body oil is too expensive. Nevertheless, if your heels condition is that severe and/or you are currently pregnant, I highly highly recommend using body oil because of the many benefits. Especially for pregnant lady: it would help to prevent stretch marks!

2. Remember the exfoliation rules and how to treat dehydrated skin!

If there’s anything that I learn the most from my horrible dehydrated skin days is the fact that physically exfoliate your dehydrated, troubled skin was not the way to make it better. Therefore, don’t do damage on your skin further by forcefully exfoliate it with pedicure products and physical scrubs. Treat your skin by applying body care religiously everyday and within two-three months your skin would be better, I promise!


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3. Wear shoes with socks instead of wearing sandals during your “healing days”

This is probably one of the most important rules that I’ve learnt trough out the years. As for my case, I realized that whenever I wear sandals back to back for at least a week, my heels started to developed dry skin. Maybe because of the friction between my feet and the sandals, I don’t really understand. However, I also realized that if I used sneakers with socks in between, my feet condition would be better. Therefore, I would suggest you to lessen the use of sandals if you are currently suffering from cracked heels and opted to use sneakers + socks instead.

4. It would take a long time, so be patient!

Similar with skin care, you can’t expect it to work instantly. You need to be patient! You would need approximately two to three months to treat your heels to the normal state, depends on how severe your feet condition was. If you want to have “instant” treatment, you would probably need to try the expensive Japanese / Korean feet mask peeling treatment. I can’t comment on that, though, since I’ve never tried it myself.

5. Vaseline Potrelium Jelly is your life saviour!

Seriously, if you are suffered from cracked heels, I thinkย Vaseline Potrelium Jelly would be your life saviour, as it always help me to cure this problems ever since I was in college. This post is definitely not sponsored, lol. Nevertheless, I still think that Vaseline is one of the most cheapest investment in order to treat cracked heels, and it works like magic!

Have you suffered from cracked heels before? What is your own tips and tricks? Please share it in the comment section bellow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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