Beauty Thoughts: Is Triple Cleansing Actually a Thing?

I’ve always triple cleanse as long as I remembered. Well, maybe not everyday since during travel I’ve always tried to shorten my routine by cutting down the oil/balm cleansing part and relying solely on micellar water on the first cleanse part. However, these days, I realized that maybe, just maybe my skin need triple cleanse more than I think.


However, I think I have to mentioned that this past one month, my lifestyle is such a mess. I always eat out / get unhealthy food delivered, and constantly eat carbs, sugar, and sweets because I just have to finish my homemade whole cake before it turned bad. (Ugh, Sally, why your recipes always so, so good that I don’t want to share it with everyone? 😥 ). Sugar and trendy food are my weakness, everyone. As much as I love to tell everyone to eat healthily, I just always have this FOMO feelings towards trendy food / drinks, lol. Okay 2019 Resolution: Not to get trapped on the trendy foods / beverages! 

Well, that beside the point, but I don’t think that the lack of micellar water part on my routine is the only reason why my skin starts to breaking out. It could be because of my messed up diet and unhealthy lifestyle, and it could be because of the new Vitamin C that I started to use (review coming soon!). As much as I want to love it, I think because of the shipping system, and because the travel size packaging is not as good as the full sized one, I think my Vitamin C product already oxidized by the time I received it. I’m not blaming anyone, because I’m sure the place where I bought it try to bring the product as fresh as possible to Indonesia, but it’s just – you know, the risk of online shopping.


Nevertheless, maybe because I always have micellar water as one of the part in my cleansing routine, I have this feeling that my skin is not clean enough without them, hence one of the reason why my skin started to breaking out. I use Banila Co. Clean It Zero / The Body Shop Cleansing Balm that already had high acclaimed everywhere as my first cleanser, though, so I’m pretty sure that my skin is clean enough. Maybe it’s just my feeling, and the reason why my skin is breaking out is because of the oxidized Vitamin C and my messed up diet and lifestyle.


Therefore, I’m really trying to fix my diet and sleep pattern nowadays to fix my skin state. I would probably buy those Garnier Micellar Water once I’ve got the time to add it on my cleansing routine, lol.

Well, do you do triple cleansing? Do you feel not clean enough with just double cleanse? Please do share it in the comment section bellow! I really don’t know if it’s just on my mind, or double cleanse is just not… enough?

2 thoughts on “Beauty Thoughts: Is Triple Cleansing Actually a Thing?

  1. Every day once I gt home, I always clean my face with cleansing milk and micellar water. And then I wash my face before bed. Can that be considered triple cleansing? ^^


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