When things going south…


Well, let me put it blatantly from the start: Sometimes, shit happens. No matter how well we take care of our skin, no matter how careful we take care of our diet, in these times and days, traffics and our busy days could lead us to stressful days, that also could lead us to acne popping up on our face. Oh well, what  a way to ruin our day even more.

We are normal human after all, we can’t have a perfect day everyday no matter how we want it. Therefore, here’s my tips and tricks on how to deal with bad skin days!


1.Don’t stress it out!

Really, with beauty routines, probably this is the most important thing that you need to realize. See my under eye wrinkles on the photo above? Well, there’s a time where I get easily frustrated by them, but, I’ve learned on how to embrace it, and that I already put my best effort in order to prevent them. Nowadays, I just learn on how to avoid more wrinkles on my skin. So, really, you guys, don’t sweat it out! 😉

Furthermore, no matter how well I treated my skin, there would always a day where suddenly pimple popping out of nowhere! It could be because of new skin care that I’ve been experimenting, or because I’ve been eating fast food and forgetting to eat healthy, but since I’ve learn that I need to take it easy, I stayed calm and put my PM skin care routine as always. Thankfully the pimple is gone by the next day! It’s gone that easily when I don’t put any extra effort and stressed it out like in the past!

So, remember everyone, the key is: Take it easy! 🙂


2. Eat those cakes, you deserve it!

That’s the thing I’m saying to myself whenever I’m feeling stressful. You know what, maybe I’m just making excuse to saying that it’s okay to cheat your diet once a while, but really, sometimes if you’re that stressful of your works, of your life, and you can’t find another source of happiness at that moment, perhaps don’t have the time to watch the latest movie in the cinema, or to watch the latest season of your favorite series, just eat your favorite guilty pleasure food. Cakes, junk food, anything, just eat it.

3. Ask yourself: Do you drink enough water?

Now you feel less stressful? Back on the healthy lifestyle, shall we? 😉 To eat healthy is a lifetime commitment, believe me. Even if I tend to promote to eat healthy to everyone, it’s a lie if I never cheat on my diet and not eating those cakes (My closest friend would know, lol). However, no matter how unhealthy my diet on that day, I made sure that I drink enough water, at least 2L per day, because, on my opinion, it’s the easiest thing that I could fulfill in order to feel “healthy”. Also, drink enough water is good for your skin! Everyone might know about this already, but they tend to drink less than that in a day. My tips on how to drink enough water through out the day: try to avoid any coloured drinks and change them all to mineral water. Believe me, that way, you would drink more water! And also, water is the cheapest healthiest drink, so what’s not to love?


4. Try to avoid actives and focus on hydration

Yes, I tend to avoid actives during ’emergency time’ and ‘healing time’, and guess what? It usually work wonders on my skin! My routine always focusing on hydration on the first place anyway, but seriously, there is nothing wrong with extra hydration anyway. And I personally think routines like 7 skin method would work the best for problematic and dehydrated skin.


5. Make your skin care routine your “Therapeutic Me-Time”

I think it’s important to not put too much pressure whenever you do your skin care routine. When you make it this way, you would enjoy your skin care routine even more, and even waiting to do it at the end of the day. Because, it’s a thing that you want to do everyday, you surely want to make it an enjoyable, therapeutical routine that would soothe your day. On the contrary, if you put too much pressure on it, you would ended up way too lazy to do your routine.


Do you have another tips to deal with bad skin days? Please do share it with me on the comment section bellow! 😉





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