[MAKE UP] Catalogue For Tweeny Party


Another work for Tweeny Party Flower Crown Catalogue (now they sell ready stock flower crown! Click here or here to buy! 😀 ). Because we always tend to shoot interiors and decorations, so it’s always exciting when we have to shoot the flower crown (again!). Well, maybe the concept is not entirely different to my latest shoot with them, but hey, since I’ve never got to shoot my natural makeup everyday look anyway, so here’s my favorite makeup look that I tend to use everyday (sans the highlighter, I tend to use them for special occasion only).


For my base makeup, I use Espoir Pro-Tailor Foundation that I’m really into nowadays (now, I know the trick! Use half a pump for each application for that flawless look!), CLIO Kill Cover Concealer in Linen that finally come to the end, NARS Blush shade Sex Appeal, and as for the eye look, I use Lorac Pro Matte, NARS Sex Appeal for the pinkish look, and top it with The Balm Cindy Lou Manizer for the pink shimmer on both models.


I use my trustee Aritaum Brow Pencil, Maybelline eyeliner for my signature cat eye, and my current obsession BLP Beauty Lip Coat in Maple Waffle! Ah, of course I’m not forget to set my undereye with RCMA No Color Powder and put my trustee The Balm Cindy Lou Manizer on me and Ana’s highest point of cheekbone.


For my everyday natural look, I tend to go “save” with matte looks, and I rely my luminous look on my skin care only. Therefore, I tend to left out highlight and shimmer eyeshadows for everyday look. But, the rest of my makeup, tend to be the same for daily.


Well, that’s all from me, if you want to ask more about my makeup routine, don’t be hesitant to ask on the comment section bellow! 😉 Ah! And don’t forget to purchase stuff from Tweeny Party! 😉 #shamelessselfpromotion.



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