[REVIEW] Menard Lisciare Sample Set


Even though I only got to try a few of Menard products amongst their bazillion products, it’s save to say that I am one of Menard fans. I’ve repurchased the Tsukika Lotion Moist like, at least 7 times, and had great experience with their Fairlucent Lotion and Beauness Spa Shower Lotion. And a few months ago, I was lucky enough to get this Menard Lisciare Sample Set when I was repurchasing another bottle of Tsukika Lotion Moist.



Skin Complexion and Texture

Activated Glutathione, which exists in cells, contributes to brightness, translucency, moisture, and fine texture of the skin. Lisciare with 12 varieties of oriental plant extracts are blended to bring out the best of Activated Glutathione and more transculent while supporting Love In A Mist Extract in making the skin elasctic. It helps to reduce the changes in skin complexion and textured caused by aging.

Water Density it is a the source of a beautiful skin. Lisicare creates a firm and elactic skin by increasing the density to the skin and makes the skin brighter and more translucent.

Recommended for:

Those who concern about their skin becomes darker, yellowish, and rough-textured.


Truth to be told, I always think that the Lisciare line is the least interesting line from Menard. I know that the Tsukika line is a great entry point for all skin care beginners that mainly focusing on hydration (and come with a pretty affordable price), that Fairlucent is amazing at whitening properties, that Beauness is great for acne prone skin,  and that the Saranari, Embellir, and Authent is not only crazy expensive (lol, but seriously, SK-II, NIOD, and Sunday Riley are instantly “more affordable” if we’re going to compare their price to Authent) but also works wonderful at anti ageing.

But, Lisciare? Well…. all these time I only thought that it was just a meh line from Menard. Little did I know that Lisciare is focusing on elasticity, should I tell you that I only find out about it today, the day where I write this post? Lol. *bad bloggers alert.  Well, long story short, during the time when I was trying and tested this product, I don’t know what to expect, and I think it’s a good starting point since I was on neutral zone. (What a way to justify your mistakes, Amanda).


1.Menard Lisciare Cleansing Cream

This is my first cleansing cream product, ever. I usually use cleansing oil, balm or micellar water for my first cleanser. And… I honestly don’t know what to expect, lol. I’ve always use oil/balm as my second cleanser as I’ve like to cleanse my skin with three steps, started with micellar water, second with cleansing oil/balm to massage my face as well, and ended with cleansing foam. Well, I just have to say that as a second cleanser, it works pretty well. However, I feel like whenever I use it as my first cleanser on the days where I only wear sunscreen and no makeup, I can feel that it’s not clean enough and I’ve started breaking out a bit. Nevertheless, it works okay as second cleanser, and it works well with massages, too.


2. Menard Lisciare Cleansing Foam

This cleansing foam share some similarities to other Japanese cleansing foam, which is somehow always have a rather high pH, somewhere at pH 7. I don’t know the exact number because I forgot to tested it with my pH strip, however, judging from the squeaky clean feeling that I sometimes get from this cleansing foam, I personally think that this cleansing foam is somewhere between 6.5~7. The weird thing is, whenever I use it with the cleansing cream, I always get that squeaky feeling. In contrary, whenever I use it with another first cleanser, my skin feels pretty okay. Therefore, I always prefer to use them separately, lol.


3. Menard Lisciare Lotion Moist

I have to be honest here, I personally think that this product reminds me a lot of Hada Labo Gokyujun Moisturizing Milk. But with a hefty price. It’s a good product, yes, maybe even better than a few of emulsion product that I’ve tried before. However, since it’s share a lot of similarities and some results with the Hada Labo one… I guess I wouldn’t purchase the full bottle.


Well, did my first judgement to the Menard Lisciare line is true? Well… as for now I think so. There is no mind blowing products that instantly made me want to repurchase, to be honest. It’s a good basic skin care line. I think, if you have good results with Hada Labo and want to invest with your skin care more, I guess this Menard Lisciare line is a good option. However, if you are on a budget, you can go back to your Hada Labo anytime.


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