[MAKE UP] Editorial for Di Balik Banyuwangi


I rarely do make up for others since I’m not really confident with my skill, especially when I never really experiment with my make up, and when I do, it’s usually because my team tried to cut the budget on make up artist, hence the reason why we did it by ourselves, lol. Here’s my latest work project as textile designer (oh, yes, I might never exposed it on this blog, but I am originally worked and educated from textile design); stylist, and makeup together with one of the most amazing team ever! ❤


As for the make up concept, yes, it’s yet again another freckles make up. 😆 See? I’ve told you that I rarely experiment with my make up? Lol. However, since we think that the freckles meet glossier style looks with a bit of glam in the eyes works well with the whole editorial concept, we just think, well, why not? 😉


I really love the result of this whole photoshoot! I’m just glad that the whole team really clicks instantly when we talk about the whole concept. There’s no need to explain the whole thing over and over again. And I’m glad that this photoshoot really help to create the whole mood on the exhibition that my team held, and that there’s a lot of people that appreciated this work as well 🙂 <3.

There’s a whole video series to this editorial as well, please do check @dibalikbanyuwangi if you’re curious about this project, the whole exhibition, and everything! 🙂



Textile Design, Concept, and Styled by Angelita Nurhadi @angelitanurhadi and Amanda Rahmadhani @amanda.rahmadhani.
Art Direction by Dani Effendi @jejakkurcaci
Photographed by Ferdi Perwiranata @pd.perwiranata
Videographed by Asep Saipul R @sepwok
Talent: Alfista Ocha @alfistaocha Rizka Widyana @rizkawidyana Chintya Clarissa @chintyaclarisaaa.
#dibalikbanyuwangi #ikkon2017
In collaboration with:
Supported by:


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