The Importance of Giving Skin Care A Proper Time to Work on Its Magic


Have you ever been on the time where you expect this massively raved skin care to work its magic on your skin overnight? Well, often I guess. I also have been on those times. However, after all of those skin care experiments and the more I read articles related to skin care and beauty, I realize that, no. No skin care will work instantly overnight. Not even the most expensive, the most raved products ever. The answer would be just: No.


The thing is, our skin will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days. Proper skin care is essential to maintaining the health and vitality of this protective organ (source). Therefore, we can’t just expect our skin care to work its magic overnight, however though, skin care routine is definitely needed in order to boost our skin to regenerate itself to the better side.

I have a few example of products that I think was “meh” during the first time I use it, but it works wonderful over time. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, DHC Cleansing Oil, The Ordinary Lactic Acid, and Trilogy Rosehip Oil are a few of them. At first, the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask gave me mixed feeling. It’s not bad, but it’s not good, either. I really didn’t get the hype back then. Why everyone raves about it? However, after months of abandoning it in the back of my cabinet, I decided to use it again in order to finish it before the expiration date. And guess what: after I gave it a second or probably third chance my skin loves it! It practically help my skin to reduce blemishes and calms in instantly whenever my skin acted out. Furthermore, it would help my skin to get its much needed “sleeping time”.


Maybe it works differently because by the time I tried it months after, my routine was already extended significantly and I already understand my skin better. Probably because I already find the products that suited my skin the best and the Water Sleeping Mask could do its job way more properly. Well, there are so many possibilities in this case, I guess.

As for the Trilogy Rosehip Oil that’s basically my HG oil at this present time, before I have this as addition in my routine, I already aware that your skin need time to get used to beauty oil. At the first weeks of using it, I remember that the oil just felt like sit on top of my skin without really doing anything. It feels weird, especially when it just left a greasy film for the firsts days. However, after probably two weeks, my skin get used to it and finally it works like magic on my skin! Let me tell you a secret that I really don’t want to jinx (lol) 😆 : my skin never got a massive acne or pimple after I add oils on my routine. That is why I’m a oil addict now. And now I understand why every skin care guru swears by oils.


So, darling, just be patient when it comes to new addition of skin care on your routine! Give it time at least two weeks to works on its magic. However, though, there are people that didn’t trust the “purging” time. They believe that if skin care broke them out the first time they use it, it’s just won’t work for them. Well… as I don’t really have much experience on that department, I can’t comment too much on this as my experience with new-meh-skin-care-turned-holy-grail-product usually only involving confusing product that didn’t really give me much difference but never break me out.

So… if you ever experiencing purging phase, you can share your experience on the comment section bellow! 🙂 How do you overcome it? Or you basically throw the product away? 


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Giving Skin Care A Proper Time to Work on Its Magic

  1. Aaah yes, I almost always struggle with a purging phase especially with detoxifying or clarifying products. It just sucks when I try to stay strong though the purging phase then realize it’s actually just breaking me out and not getting better haha. Such great advice though! So many people have no idea about purging phases. Great read xx

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story! I’ve never really have purging phase, and I tend to stay away from products that break me out from the first start. Thank you for stopping by as always! Xx


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