[REVIEW] The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil

IMG_4039Ever since I add beauty oil on my routine, I’m just being too addicted with oils and never hesitant to venture more to try another oil in the market. Therefore, after my HG Trilogy Rosehip Oil, Goodness Chia Seed Oil, and The Ordinary Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil, I decided to try The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil next, especially since Gothamista claimed that this is the dupe to Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil that I really curious to try yet won’t be able to buy in near future because of the really expensive price. 😥


Referred to as a “luxury” oil by some, this antioxidant-rich oil is obtained from the kernels of the fruits of Marula tree. It’s mostly composed of oleic acid and linoleic acid but also contains procyanidin, catechins and flavanoids. Marula oil offers antioxidants, hydrates the skin and is claimed to help restore a radiant tone. This formula contains only cold-pressed virgin African Marula oil that is 100% unrefined. It’s a fantastic oil in every sense of the word despite its affordability (one would have to be drunk to overpay for Marula). This formula contains the highest quality cold-pressed virgin Marula oil that is naturally aroma neutral and non-greasy.

Hair Application—Work through damp, clean hair daily or as needed. Skin Application—Apply a few drops to the entire face once daily or as needed.

Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil.


If I’m compare it to other oils that I’ve tried, this is probably the palest and the most colorless oil that I’ve tried. It’s pretty lightweight if I compare it to Rosehip Oil yet surprisingly have the same ability to lock in hydration with Rosehip Oil. At first, it may seem like it works like other oils in my skin, however, after two weeks, I realized that this is probably my most favorite oil so far from The Ordinary. I even like it pretty much on the same rank with my HG Trilogy Rosehip Oil.


Why? Because it’s not as greasy as the Rosehip Oil (not that I really mind it), however it offers the same hydration and benefits on my skin. Maybe, on the day time I prefer Marula Oil rather than Rosehip Oil because I live in humid country. However, it didn’t lessen my love towards Rosehip Oil, though, for me, it’s a good thing since I could get another oil that I really love beside Rosehip Oil since I don’t think that Chia Seed works that good on my skin. Not that Chia Seed is that bad, it’s just I prefer Rosehip and Marula Oil far far better.


Therefore, if you have the same skin type with me, which is dry and sensitive skin, I would highly highly recommend this oil for you because it works on my skin wonderfully. I would repurchase this oil for sure, and to be frank, this made me curious to try the Drunk Elephant oil more because if The Ordinary works this good on my skin, what benefits could Drunk Elephant give to my skin?


However, I just know that I wouldn’t purchase Drunk Elephant Marula Oil in the future because of *cough* the price *cough*, lol. So, maybe I will venture more on the other option of The Ordinary Oils, perhaps I will try the Moroccan Argan Oil next.


Do you have favorite The Ordinary products to recommend to me? Please do share in the comment section bellow!




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