[REVIEW] SASC Official Antoinette x Anaz Siantar


Another local lipstick from the town! It’s interesting how the beauty local market have been growing these past couple of years. Back in the day, there are only a few big brands that dominating the market, with only a few option of makeup and skin care, but nowadays, there are tons of option from indie brands that have been growing itself. Though most of them currently only carrying liquid lipstick and only a few indie brand ventures to highlight, eyeliner, and eye brow product, still, it’s a good news that us Indonesian could get our hand on affordable yet good local makeup products!

SASC Official is a pretty new brand that collaborated with local influencers, that sold their product with a good cause. Some of their proceeds from the sales will be donated to charity, as stated on their website, which is good, because if we need more good reason to purchase a lipstick other than make ourself happy, then giving back to the charity is one of the reason.


Antoinette is a soft warm nude beige that gives the lips a very natural color. SASC’s Ultimatte Lip Liquid collection are matte lip liquid that are non-drying, long-lasting and kissproof. SASC’s Antoinette feels comfortable and has that silky feeling that is also moisturizing. Antoinette is SASC’s collaboration color with Indonesia’s Top Fashion Influencer Anaz Siantar. Some proceeds from the sales of Antoinette will be donated to Saab Shares id. Shop for her lipstick online.

Ingredients: cycolomethicone, isododecane, octyldodecyl, stearoyl stearate, titanium dioxide, polycyclopentadiene, disteradimonium hectorite, silica dimethyl silylate,disteradimonium hectorite, silica dimethyl silylate,phytosteryl/octyldodecyl, lauroryl glutamate, copernicia cerifera cera, polyethylene, propylene carbonate, phenoxyethanol, dextrin palmitate/ethylexanoate, flavour, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, tocopheryl acetate, bht, bisabolol, tocopherol.

Contains vitamin E, moisturizer, antioxidant, and UV protection

Formulated without: parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten.

May contain: ci 12085, ci 12490, ci 15850:1, ci 45410:2, ci 45430:1, ci 77491, ci 77492, ci 77499, ci 77742.

Caution and warning: discontinue use if signs of rash or irritation appears

Apply your liquid lipstick using the brush starting first from the outer corners of your lower lip. Then, move downwards towards the bottom edge of your lower lip to line it with the liquid lipstick. Fill in your lower lips. Press your lips together. Next, repeat on your upper lip. Voila!


I got this nude shade not only because I’m running out of my beloved BLP Beauty Butter Fudge, but also because I’ve been following Anaz Siantar for years now on Instagram and blog, and I always adore her style! She always have this signature nude lipstick on her lips, and I think this Antoinette shade is a reflection of her signature style. So, into the chart it is!

First and foremost, I like the packaging, the glass, transparent packaging is really chic. However, though, I think I got the bad batch one, since my liquid lipstick always tend to leaks its moisturizing oil, which is made quite a mess in my vanity. Therefore, I never brought it anywhere with me, afraid that it would also made a mess on my pouch and bags.


As for the formula itself, it was way too runny for my liking, since I tend to prefer thicker consistency better for my lipstick. And… I don’t know, probably because of the chocolate and mint scent, but I feel like my lips is a bit stingy whenever I put the lipstick on the lips. It’s not that drying, but I personally think that it’s more drying than most of my liquid lipstick. But the good news is, this SASC Official liquid lipstick didn’t have the tendency to crack on the lips like KYLIE Liquid Lipstick.


Will I repurchase it? Well… probably no, since I prefer my BLP Beauty Liquid Lipstick’s formulation way, way better. Moreover I also prefer their Butter Fudge shade rather than this Antoinette shade, since it made me looked so sick. Thank God that I still can mixed it with another lipstick shade so it wouldn’t go to waste. Well, all in all, I think it’s a so-so product. It’s not that good, and it’s definitely not that bad. But it’s just probably just my personal preferences since there are a lot of people that seems to quite like the lipstick.


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