Tips On How to Treat Dry and Flakey Lips


I suffered from dry and flakey lips since… forever. I remember that my mom used to nag me to use and reapply lip balm everywhere. And I used to rely on Revlon Lip Conditioner that mom used to love, because, it was literally the lip balm that works really well for me back then. Not all lip balm works for me. Some brand even makes my lips even dryer. Thank God, after endless research, I finally found the product to treat my lips so that it would perform better with matte liquid lipsticks! Soooo, without further ado, here’s my tips and some product recommendation on how to treat dry and flaky lips!

1.Drink lots of water

As clichè as it may seems, yes, drink lots of water would help you to achieve fresh and plump lips. As our body definitely need lots of water to function properly, so does our skin and our lips. Without water, our skin and lips would be dehydrated, and that will cause dehydration on the skin as well as flakey lips. Guess what, this tips probably cost you the cheapest product out of other lip care product that I would suggest to you later on this post! So, drink more water!


2. Moisturize your lips before exfoliation

This is a tips that I personally think need more shoutout. Here’s the thing. I used to directly scrubs my flakey lips with lip scrub, and the result would turned out disappointing because the flakey lips won’t get easily removed. However, if I moisturized my lips beforehand, the story would be different. I didn’t even need to use lip scrubs to remove all the dead skin from the flakey lips. I just need to swipe my lips with wet tissue, et voila, flakey lips no more!

3. Moisturize your lips really, really well.

On my case, even the most raved and the most best selling lip balm ever would be gone the minute I eat something. Therefore, reapply the lip balm would be needed. I tend to bring lip balm everywhere with me, on my pouch, on my bag, everywhere. And before you sleep, make sure to apply lots of lip balm so that your lips would be glorious in the morning! My current favorite lip balm is NUXE Rêve de Miel and Glossier Universal Skin Salve. 


4. Use Lip Sleeping Mask through the night!

If you have the luxury or the access to purchase Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, make sure to buy one, because it’s like, the best investment for your lips! It will transform your flakey dry lips into plump lips through the night! I’m not sponsored or anything, but really, I would highly highly recommend this product to everyone because it’s just that good. It’s not that expensive either, at around $18~$20 (seriously, Tatcha and Clarins lip care stuffs are much more expensive), you would get the best lip conditioning product that I’ve ever encounter. A little goes a long way too, because it lasted me more than a year to finish it. There’s a reason why everyone raving about this product!

5. Give your lips a break from matte lipstick

As flattering as it can be, matte lipstick, whatever brand it is, would tend to be drying on your lips. Therefore, give your lips a break from matte lipstick and opted for more moisturizing formula like tinted lip balm, lip gloss, or creamy lipstick. It wouldn’t hurt to reapply your lip product after you eat once or twice a week!


That’s all on my tips for now! Do you have another tips to share? Please don’t mind to share it on the comment section bellow! ;-D



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