9 Things I Wish People Should’ve Told Me When I Was a Skincare Newbie

I was a skin care newbie, and I believe at some point everybody was a skin care newbie. Even the Caroline Hirons was one, too. I’m not saying that I’m a skin care expert by now, but me, like rest of people that decided to jump into this interesting world that is skin care beauty, all learning by doing. We have our own mishaps, our own trials and errors, and these are the things that I wish people told me when I was a newbie:


1. Starts with simple routine

There are numerous skin care steps nowadays. There are the currently famous Korean 10-steps-or-probably-more steps, and there are Western simpler steps, that only include Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. While I do prefer Korean steps more than the Western simpler steps, I believe that every newbie should starts by simple routine. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, and Protect with sunblock for AM routine.

This steps also applicable for teenage. Unless you get prescribe topical medication by your dermatologist, you shouldn’t mess with active ingredients first. It’s hard enough to get basic skin care that suits your skin, so don’t mess it up just yet.

2. Protect your skin with sunscreen

I think there’s a lot of people in beauty industry, including my favorite skin care bloggers like Fiddy Snails, etc that stating that “Sunscreen is the best and the cheapest investment for anti aging” and I couldn’t agree more. What is the sign of aging? Dark spots? Wrinkles? Lines? Dullness? Let me tell you: you can definitely fight it back since the early age if you wear sunscreen regularly. Because all of the aging signs usually comes from excessive damage from the sun. Therefore, starts to use your sunscreen and commit to use it every single day, if you do want to avoid signs of aging. 

3. Don’t forget to double cleanse!

Do you already use your sunscreen everyday? Good job! Now, don’t forget to clean it up. No, your regular facial wash won’t be enough to remove sunscreen, especially waterproof sunscreen. I’ve read a blogger wrote on Instagram (kindly remind me on the comment box bellow if you know who wrote this!) said that “If you don’t do first cleanse before your usual foaming facial cleanser, it’s the same like you take a bath without removing your clothes.”.

I like this analogy because even if you don’t wear makeup, sunscreen is something budge proof that won’t be get removed properly without first cleanse. While the proper first cleanser is the oil based cleanser, like for example cleansing oil or cleansing balm, I think cleansing water and/or micellar water is a good start if you think cleansing oil is such a hassle. Just don’t forget to do second cleanser a.k.a your usual facial wash routine because micellar water isn’t enough to remove all of the sunscreen (or makeup!)


4. Commit to your routine

The things that Indonesian women like to ask regarding a skin care product are, “Would that product makes our skin dependent on it? If we no longer use it, would my skin broke out because of it?” Well… there’s a reason why it is called skin care routine. They are routines that you need to follow every single day in order to maintain your skin condition. I’ve heard somewhere that the analogy is like working out. Would your body will stay in shape if you are not working our regularly? Then, it’s the same with your skin. Don’t be surprised if your skin is not as supple as the days when your are routinely use good skin care products. Because they are like, the food for your skin.

5. Be patient, there will be lots of trial and errors

Every individuals will have different symptoms towards something. Similar with food allergies, you also could get allergies from skin care ingredients. Therefore, you need to be aware of every single product that you put on your face. If your skin reacted from a new product, like immediately got pimple by the next day or something, do check the ingredients. No matter how good the raves around the product, it won’t be nice for your skin if you are allergic to the ingredients, and even if there are tons of good and promising skin care products out there, there will be something that won’t work for your skin. At some point, you will realize that not every product will work out for you, but, along the way, you will also realize what ingredients will work the best for you! Therefore, be patient and good things will come to you! 😀 Never give up!


6. Double check the ingredients before you buy a product

To continue the point 5, you always need to check the ingredient before you buying something. Not just checking the ingredients that you are allergic to, but also you need to avoid a certain ingredients that already proven to will do harmful thing to your skin; like for example SLS, alcohol, mercury, paraben, steroids, fragrance etc. There are still a lot of discussion around alcohol and fragrance in skin care, wether it’s definitely dangerous or not, but if your favorite products still contain alcohol and fragrance on them, just make sure that they are bellow in the ingredients list.

7. Don’t believe on instant result!

Skin care newbies (like the past me) usually check their face like, every seconds if the raves product that they use delivers result or not. Take it easy, dear, because, usually a good skin care product that don’t contain harmful ingredient (like mercury or the likes of it) on it never, ever, delivers instant result! So, take it easy, because usually you can see the result within two weeks or so.

8. Don’t. Touch. Your. Face! Ever!

We never realized that most of our break outs and pimples were coming from all of those bacterias from your hand. You might not remember what things or what surface that your hand previously touch, it could be that you forget to wash your hand after toilet, or your hand just touch the door from public restaurant or public transport that also touched by millions of people with unknown bacterias!! So, please don’t let those dirty hand of yours touch your face. Never. Ever. And also never let anyone touch your face (I’m sorry all of boyfriends and husbands out there!!!).


9. No, please don’t put those clay mask and exfoliating product everywhere near your eye area.

There’s a reason why there’s a solid instruction on every clay mask, scrubs, and AHA & BHA a.k.a any exfoliating products on why you shouldn’t put them near your eyes area. No, my dear, putting them into your eyes area won’t cure nor rejuvenate your dark under eye. No, it won’t happen. *Slaps my old self*. In fact, your eye area is soooo delicate and thin, and the state of your dark under eye is possibly coming from your family genes or bad unhealthy habits and really hard to cure. Even there are still a lot of debates wether eye creams is actually effective on curing dark under eye. But still, putting those drying ingredients on your eye area will only do more harm than good.

So, keep them off of your eye area, drink a lot, sleep well, don’t smoke, don’t be abrasive on your eye area, and please just put those eye creams. Even if it won’t work at curing dark under eye. At least, it will help you to moisturize your eye area and help you to prevent crows feet. 




Well, as for now, I think the skin care newbie tips is enough from me. If you want to read further, you might find my past writings regarding skin care tips will help you:

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Do you still have another tips that you want to share? Please do share it in the comment section bellow!

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    1. Yeah, but don’t give up! Once you are already used to your routine, you would find it as your luxurious me time! 🙂 Anyway, detecting a fellow shopaholic series fans here!! (referring to your blog name) 😀



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      1. Hopefully very soon I will enjoy it as I enjoy the results.
        That movie, sometimes I feel like I’m Rebecca and that is my life.
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