What is Make Up to You?

People tend to have so many reasons on why they wear make up. Especially now that the makeup world is just so booming and seems like growing bigger and bigger these past couple of years prolly because of the role of social media, there are a lot of people that usually didn’t have any interest in makeup, suddenly become crazy with makeup, skin care, and beauty stuffs.


As for me, I wear make up on daily basis, probably since 2013 where I already religiously wear BB cream and my signature cat eye everyday except when I was just decided to stay at home all day. Well, there’s a lot of reason why someone put make up on their face, and as for me, it was started because I feel “better” if I managed to conceal my droopy eyes by put some eyeliners on top, in 2014 because I just feeling experimental with my looks, (oh the days where I managed to wear pink liners and bright fuschia lips….).


Nowadays I feel like I have different reason on why I put makeup on. No, no it’s not because I’m afraid to show my bare face to everyone (no, looool, I don’t even care). Especially ever since I’m into the working world, I realize that I wear makeup mostly because I want to respect the people that I’m going to meet. You see, not that I judge people that don’t wear makeup on daily basis as lazy people, nooo (I have lots of friends that already looked pretty without makeup so, why not?). It’s just, I feel like I’m showing some respect to people that I meet when I wear my makeup.


So, how about you girls? Do you have another reason on why you put make up on your face? Is it because you just want to make some statement with your looks? Do you just simply want to show the best version of yourself? Do you just want to express yourself with your makeup? Or you have another interesting reason on why you wear your makeup? Do share your experience in the comment section bellow! 😉

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