Empties Report: September 2017

Since my empties is getting boring if I’m starting off with the same intro over, and over again, I will start to also write about my recent obsession together in the intro this month! Friends with lots of movie geeks and TV series addicts, I would always get recommendations every now and then. Since I trust my friends’ judgement, not to mention when I saw the list of credits from this show, I just have to give Westworld a go. And boy, was it worth it!

I know I am probably late, but seriously, if you love a series that would makes your brain won’t stop working because the endless theories and possibilities, and if you’re a fan of Jonathan Nolan and J.J Abrams to begin with, I’m pretty sure that you would love this one as well! (Hint: This series made me think harder than House of Cards, lol). Well, just imagine Memento meet Black Mirror meet Ex Machina meet my childhood anime Chobits.


Ok, back to the main topic here: Empties Report for September 2017!

I finished not too much of products this month, but I think I finished lots of favorites this month, well, let’s start it of with my biggest achievement: to actually finish a contour product!

1.Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin Contour Palette

I’ve finish lots of skin care products, but boy, when it comes to actual make up products, it seems like I can’t finish them quickly, particularly with colour makeup. I ended up using this product as a light contour and bronzer because I don’t have the time I’m just way to lazy to put precise contour. Love this product, though, because this Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin Contour Palette is not only affordable, comes with a big pan that lasted me around 1,5 years (I don’t have other contour products so that saying something, amiright?), but also comes with beautiful neutral colours as well.

2K-Pallette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in Super Black

Though there are lots of people that want to have their eyeliner in the blackest colour possible, I don’t mind to wear natural brown eyeliner, so really, colour is not my main concern if I’m going to purchase an eyeliner. My biggest concern is the pigmentation, long wearing, and lightweight, hence the reason why I always ended up repurchasing Japanese liners over and over again. Though this K-Pallette is not my HG eyeliner, this is not half bad, in fact it’s pretty good. Not going to miss this one, though, since I still got a backup in my vanity, lol.


3. Hada Labo Gokyujun Ultimate Moisturizing Foaming Face Wash

Hands down my favorite facial wash from local drugstore. I think I raved about this facial wash enough in this blog and I don’t have to explain it over and over again, lol. To cut it short to new reader: This is a really nice low-pH cleanser that won’t strip your skin, cleanse really well, AND come with a really affordable price tag!


4. The Bath Box I’ll Be Perfect Facial Oil

Well, this is one of my first ventures in skin care, long before I truly understand the concept of layering and skin care steps. Since I bought it in the period where my skin at its weakest state, the peppermint oil ingredients seems like burning my over exfoliated skin and made the entire situation even worse. But, since the expiration date of this product is pretty quickly due to its natural non preservative ingredients, I ended up finishing this product as body oil. Which is really nice and hydrate my skin really well. I don’t know if I’m going to retry using this product now that my skin condition is better… but if you want to have some alternatives for local facial oil that made of natural ingredients, well.. you might want to give it a try since there’s a lot of people that raves about it.

5. IOPE Moistgen Eye Cream Skin Hydration

Well….. this is just a mediocre eye cream in my opinion. But, for the price, which is pretty similar with NUXE and Innisfree that I’ve reviewed before, I think this IOPE one is worth more than the NUXE one in my opinion, since it has double the amount of the NUXE one, and the packaging feels more luxe (well, it’s IOPE, what do you expect?). Though I will prefer NUXE and Innisfree pump packaging, especially for travelling, I can’t lie that I also love the pretty glass packaging that IOPE having. In terms of the eye cream itself, it’s just lightly hydrating my under eye area. In terms of the formulation though, I would rather repurchase my Honpo Sana Nameraka eye cream, lol.


6. Hada Labo Gokyujun Ultimate Moisturizing Face Wash

When I was on my dehydrated skin days, I also can’t stand this facial wash, which confuses me, because they are both coming from the same brand and the same line, and I love the Facial Foaming Face Wash and that was literally the only facial wash that I could apply on my skin back then. Now that my skin is better, I decided to rekindle with this facial wash and Thank God this time around it works fine on me!!! For traveling, I definitely think that this version is much more travel friendly than the facial foaming wash one. Repurchase already!! 😉

7. My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask

I maybe don’t have all the time in the world for sheet masking these days, but this mask is surely one of my favorites from the drugstore!!! Read my full thoughts here if you haven’t yetI’m pretty sure that you would find this mask on my several empties in the future because I still have lots of stocks in my vanity!!! Lol.


So, those are my empties this month! Do you spot any favorites here?? Share your thoughts on the comment section bellow!! 😉




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