Happy 1st Blogversary!

Hello, it’s Amanda again. Well, truth to be told, essentially, it’s not my blog’s first anniversary. But, it’s been a year since I was transforming my past random posts into Beauty related focused, into Februaryth as a title. And it’s also been a year since I decided to actively post beauty reviews here. Well, it’s been an interesting year, I must say! πŸ˜‰

Maybe not all of you interested on my background story, but I decided to write actively mainly because I just love to write, lol. I’ve previously had a few random personal blog during my school days, and now that I’ve grown up and all, I decided that instead of just finding a platform to write, I also need to be focused on one category while also trying to help people with my writing, that’s when I decided to start Februaryth a year ago.


This blog is more than just a blog for me, it’s also a journal, where I keep a track for my skin care routine, to remind me of the stuffs that I loved, also to avoided a certain ingredients that didn’t worked out for me in the past. Well… maybe I’m not that forgetful nowadays, but I’m sure that in the future this blog would be helpful for me in order to help me decided to purchase some stuffs.

It’s always a bonus and a blessing if my post help some people to decide wether a product is worth purchasing or not. Though my positive reviews don’t guarantee a product to be working perfectly to every individual in this world, but since I always try to keep my positive work ethics and always try to write with honesty, I hope that my review would help lots of people in order to decided a purchase.


I’m also glad that I could meet new friends with the same interest within this one year! Though I’m not the one with extroverted personality and love to greet everyone in this blogsphere, it’s always a blessing to meet new people, not to mention to learn a lot of new stuffs regarding skin care, make up, and all of beauty related stuffs from you guys! Thank you for being there and say hi to me first! πŸ˜€


So…. what’s next? Do I need to offer something new on my blog?

A few of my friends told me to create a Beauty Vlogs, but as a backstage individual and I already dizzy when I think about the filming and editing process, I decided that, nah, for now I’d like to avoid videos. Moreover when I like to keep my makeup simple and natural. Won’t you be bored if I repeatedly wore the same natural makeup, like, in every videos? πŸ˜† I rarely experimenting with makeup, and when I do, mostly I will do it to models or my friends.

What about my fake freckles tutorial promise in the past?

Well… Since I was following Lizzie Parra’s tutorial to begin with, you definitely check her video if you want to find out how to create the look. As for my version of the tutorial…. well, someday, maybe.


As for now, maybe I just want to received some recommendation of beauty stuffs that you want me to review. If making videos is not possible in near future, I would like to keep my review post to be well maintained.

So, do you have something in mind? Let me know in the comment section bellow!

And for the fellow blogger friends and my small following friends, thank you for being there for me and thank you, for always spare your time to stopping by and read my posts!





Image courtesy by: @tweenyparty and @jejakkurcaci


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