[REVIEW] Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa


I honestly never like Salvatore Ferragamo’s scents before, that until I meet this sweet scented Signorina Misteriosa. This perfume kinda reminds me of my Junior High Perfume that was smells like candy, but a bit stronger. Well, maybe it’s already time for me to wear grown up scent? Lol. šŸ˜†


Signorina misteriosa is the celebration of a chic girl’s mysterious side. A daring fragrance frees the secrets of a young woman who dictates the rules of her life and unpredictability emblem, mystery is her essence. The unexpected and playful scent of wild blackberry irradiated by the glowing neroli, creates a catching distinctive top. The modernly chic silky nuances of orange blossom melt with the opulent sensuality of tuberose, casting a subtly seductive spell. An irresistibly sweet black vanilla mousse accord signs the dry down while the patchouli confers an elegantly stylish touch.


First of all, look at the stunning and chic packaging!!! I just can’t get enough with the beautiful bow packaging! I already adore the signature SalvatoreĀ Ferragamo bow signature packaging from years ago, and I’m glad that I found theĀ Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa since I always found that their previous scent to be quite strong and not suitable for me.


The scent itself is sweet, yet leaves a quite strong musky scent to it. Well… I’m not one who can describe perfume notes, lol, but fragrantica describes it as vanilla, sweet, fruity, white floral, and milky, while different website describes it as oriental and fruity. Well… at least I can assure you that this perfume have a pretty nice sweet scent, if you’re a fan of sweet candy perfume, there’s a high chance that you would like this perfume.


Well, as I’ve said before, if you’re into sweet candy fragrances, I’m pretty sure that you would like this perfume. The pretty packaging is also another reason for you to buy the perfume, I would say, lol. The scent is quite long lasting, though if I would prefer if the scent is less heavy, to be honest.


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