[REVIEW] Menard Beauness Spa Shower

At this point, I think Menard is one of my favorite Japanese brand, together with Hada Labo and Sana Nameraka. I love that every product from Menard that I’ve tried so far always help to make my skin healthier and better in terms of hydration and texture. So, my latest addition from Menard to my skin care routine is this Menard Beauness, that have so many claims as SK-II FTE dupes. Well, is it true?


Beauty secret of Japanese families, the BEAUNESS lotion (non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic) acts against imperfections and helps tightening skin pores. Free from any perfume or coloring agents. It wraps your skin into a refreshing feeling of purity.

– SPA Essence wipes away old surface cells to smooth the skin
– Your skin looks healthy and silky, free from blemish or red spots
– Soften the skin and fights against roughness

Pour an adequate amount of lotion on a cotton pad and pat over your clean face. Insist on the areas where imperfections are likely to appear.

« SPA Essence » : elaborated by Menard research teams, it owes its benefits to the combination of natural resources from oceans, plants and hot water sources.

> Sea power : Sea grass extract and dried sea water substance
> Nature power : Coconut Water, Sasa Veitchii Bamboo Water, and Salicornia Europaea Extract
> Hot water sources power : known for their purifying vertues, hot water sources have inspired Menard’s research teams into elaborating the Mineral SP Essence (SPA component) : a blend of hot water sources minerals.

Medical Essence SP : combination of Vitamin B et de dipotassium glycyrrhizate that reinforces the effets of the SP Mineral Essence, acts as an anti-stress agent and improves blood circulation. Medicinal lotion. Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.


Since my favorite blogger like to use this Menard Beauness as first essence, therefore I use it as first essence, even though we originally have to use it as toner and/or lotion. Texture wise, this Menard Beauness is eeckingly similar to SK-II FTE, it is so watery and easily seeps into the skin, but without the fermented scent of the SK-II, which is really nice, if you’re not into Pitera’s scent.


As for the effect to the skin, I feel like it helps to hydrates my skin though I don’t really find that it really help to reduce blemishes and acne on my skin. (In my current routine, I  think the biggest contribution to reduce blemishes and acne is rosehip oil, not this one). However, due to its much nicer scent and how it has half the price of FTE, and the gorgeous packaging(!!!) I really find that I prefer this one a lot, rather than the Pitera water.


So, I think this is a nicer alternative to SK-II FTE, especially if the Pitera water didn’t suit your skin. Even though I don’t find that this Menard Beauness is doing anything in terms of help to reduce skin blemishes, it could be maybe because my current skin condition is quite stable. Will I recommend it to anyone? Well, of course if you want to find a descent alternative to SK-II FTE. However, I think my skin prefer Korean’s first essence formulation, that’s usually comes with thicker and gel like consistency like my ultimate HG Hanyul Optimizing Serum and COSRX Galactomyces Essence. Therefore, I don’t think that I would repurchase this one in near future.

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