[REVIEW] Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads


It’s not Februaryth’s blog if I’m not reviewing cotton pads at least twice a year, lol. Well, for me, cotton pads is that essential, because without you realizing it, a good cotton pad could save you lots of money while made less abrasive contact with your skin! Why? Because the right material, the right fluffiness, and with the right thickness, it could help to reduce wasted products that got adsorbed into your cotton pads. And here I am now, to talk about my recent obsession: The Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads.


Innisfree cotton pads consists of 100% non-fluorescent cotton that causes no irritation and consists of soft non-woven fabric.
It can be used to apply skin toner or cleanse your skin.

1. Keep out of contact with other substances.
2. Do not keep this product in a place with a very high or low temperature and exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Use only for skin care and cleansing.
4. Keep out of the reach of infants and children.


The cotton pads is like the Muji Cotton Puffs but way fluffier. It’s not as good as my favorite Silcot one still, but well, it could be a good replacement for me since it’s pretty affordable at around $1, and I could get it easily since Innisfree already opened up several stores here in Indonesia, so, yay!


As for the effectivity to reduce wasted adsorbtion, I have to say that this Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Cotton Pads is pretty much the same with the Muji one, it’s pretty good. But the highlight of this cotton pads, is that this is sooo fluffy! I really feel that it made less abrasive contact with my skin, which is always a plus point for me! ❤


So overall, I really, really highly recommend this cotton pads because it really help to make less wasted absorption, while made less abrasive contact to my skin with its fluffiness. Not to mention the affordability! If you have Innisfree around you, just snatch it immediately! 😀


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