[REVIEW] Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo


Shiseido Tsubaki is one of the shampoo brand that I’ve always wanted to try. especially when one of my favorite blogger raved about it. And when I saw that one of local supermarket imported this product directly from Japan, I immediately snatched it, especially when it comes with 1+1 promotion.


Product of Japan

Rich lather for silky, smooth, and nourished hair

The camellia clean scent like a relaxing zen forest breeze. An innovative permeating repair ingredient, camellia amino acid provides damaged hair nutrients and treatment for beautiful healthy hair.
Experience a premium damaged hair care treatment with rich lather, luxurious treatment, and a clean camellia scent.


They have a couple of variants, but as I feel like I damaged my hair pretty bad these past years, I choose the Damage Care one, hoping that it would magically repair my hair and make it luxurious even without hair iron and other treatments, lol. Well, of course it won’t magically repair my hair, lol. However, I don’t know, I feel like that this Tsubaki Damage Care is way too greasy for my hair. It’s that greasy to the point where I think it didn’t clean my hair enough.


As for the texture and scent, it is very liquidy, not that watery, though, but it’s not as thick as other shampoo in the market. And for the scent, I honestly hate the scent. I don’t know. I’ve never have anything that smells like camellia before, and to me, the scent is just way too fishy to the point I hate my hair after wash. It is greasy, yet smells really bad.  Errh. 


But then again, sometimes scent is a very personal preference thing. Why? Because when I saw the reviews of this shampoo, a lot of people really love the scent. So, really, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just don’t like camellia scent. Just because I don’t like the scent of camellia, I think you have to scent it by yourself before you made any opinion. And as for the formula…. I really think that this shampoo is not for me. However, it will be suitable for people that have super dry hair because this shampoo is really moisturizing, I think.




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