[REVIEW] Flow-fushi Mote Liner Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner TAKUMI Brown Black


Helloooo, it’s been a while since I talk about eyeliner, and I finally will talk about my new favorite Japanese Liner ever: Flow-fushi Mote Liner Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner TAKUMI Brown Black! 


  • First-class draw Ease of KYOTO Kumano craftsmen brush adoption . Supple waist is achieved.
  • Black + Brown + olive color ultimate familiar black.
  • All of Mote liner has been made ​​through the hands of every single craftsman.
  • Fit ! The world’s first octagonal bottle .
  • Non dye adopted.

This is a multi-functional eyeliner that offers premium application. It features a brush, invented by a Kumano brush maker, is made from 4 different types of bristles of varying quality and coarseness. It also features an octagonal handle that fits the fingers, allowing steady, stable application. It features a pigment that doesn’t stain the skin, protecting skin from discoloration. It is resistant to sweat, water, sebum, and tears. It keeps its fresh finish in the morning for hours. It is fast-drying, and good for layering. It can be removed with warm water easily.


I was pleasantly surprised that the liner is pretty intense, easily buildable, without flaking off (usually some liner will flaking off when we try to layer it. At first, it seems that the pigmentation of the liner is weak. But lo and behold, be patient and try to layer it , because the eyeliner would be solid brown black if we layer it for a couple of times.


I also really like the brush. The brush is so flexible, with ultra fine pointy tip, that made me easy to make my signature cat eye or any liner shape on that matter. I also find that the eyeliner is superrrr water proof, even I don’t have to set it with powder and it’s still lasted until the end of the day! Super recommended!


I also like the packaging of this line. It’s so chic and just different to other liners in the market. The eyeliner pen itself has a super chic packaging with those sophisticated looking finish. The only downside that I found with this eyeliner is, similar with other Japanese waterproof eyeliner in the market, the tip of the eyeliner is super easy to turned dry. So we need to shake it off before the application.


So, overall I really recommend this eyeliner! This, combined with the same line mascara, made the most fluttering and natural eye look ever. If I had the chance, I would probably repurchase this eyeliner in other colours, like navy or black! Major loveee!

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