Beauty Thoughts: On Creating The Glow That You Can’t Fake

Whenever the internet decides on which team that they belong to, I can’t help but stunned. Why everyone have to categorized themselves as “Team Makeup” and “Team Skin Care”? Why can’t we be both? Especially when I equally love them both and use them both on a daily basis. Not to mention a lot of brands that sold both makeup and skin care started to jeopardize all of the skin care vs. makeup quotes. Like, aren’t they worry that people would prefer to buy their skin care items instead of their makeup items?


And then come The Strobing Makeup trends that focusing on highlights and made highlights booming again. I’m totally not against highlights since when I also use it for formal parties. However, it concerns me how people tends to contradict their skin care routine and their makeup.

I am highly influenced by Korean makeup style and skin care routine, not gonna lie about that. I love that Korean skin care routine focusing on hydration, hence the reason why sheet mask, sleeping mask, and “7 skin steps” become big in South Korea. I’m one of the biggest advocate of “Hydration is the key to your skin care routine”. Well, probably because I used to suffered from a horrible dehydrated skin and I myself have dry skin type. But, seriously, hydration and moisturization is one of the key of your routine, and you should not avoid them. 


I believe that Caroline Hirons and lots of beauty bloggers also had touch the issue on how (mostly) Western (i.e: American) Girls tends to choose oil-free moisturizer, and other “Oil-Free” skin care items that definitely will confuses your skin. And after they try to make their skin as matte as possible, here comes the highlight to create “That Glow”.

Once again, I am most definitely not against highlight, but… the wrong part is when you had to mattify your skin with skin care. That’s a primer’s job, honestly. Not a skin care job. A good, healthy skin is when your skin glowing from within, balanced, plumped, and well hydrated. And dearest oily skin fella…. please don’t be afraid of the words “oil”, “hydration” and “moisturization”, a well balanced skin won’t produced unnecessary oil and sebum. And listen, adding an oil to your routine would be life-changing!

Oil would help to locked those layers of skin care that you put beforehand and will help to make your skin balanced, not to mention tons of nutrition that beauty oil usually holds. If you have heavily oily skin and/or live in humid country like I do, just use the beauty oil on your PM Routine.


Do you remember that highlighter would also accentuate textured skin and problem areas? So, be good to your skin!

A balanced, healthy skin would create a healthy, glowing skin. No need to fake it up with a highlighter on daily basis. Well, then again, if you’re a highlighter junkie, and really need to have that over the top glow, just add more highlighter on your healthy, glowing skin! 😉 That way, your skin won’t be suffering inside, and you will have a beautiful canvas for that highlighter to sit on top of your skin!

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