Wednesday Masking: Dr.Jart+ Reset Your Hydration Sheet Mask


I think my overall opinion of Dr. Jart+ sheet masks are all meh. With a pretty hefty price tag, so far I haven’t seen the one that I like so much. Will this Dr.Jart+ Reset Your Hydration disappoint me just like the others? Scroll down and read my thoughts bellow!


The botanical mask natural sheet of extracted from the eucalyputs fits well to face and delivers concentrated moisturizing essence instantly without irritation.

How to use
After cleansing apply the mask to your face and leave it on for 15~20 minutes take off the mask gently and let the remaining essence absorb into your face by lightly patting it

Concerns with dryness, dead cell, tiredness.
Ingredients: Marine Collagen: Hydrates.
Chamomile flower water: Purifies.
Cactus Flower Extract: Prevents Moisture Loss.


Skeptical with Dr. Jart sheet mask because their mask never succeed to impressed me, I honestly have no expectation towards this mask. I was just like, ehhh let’s do this again, when I was putting my last share of Dr. Jart’s sheet mask, lol.

When I unfolded it, I was surprised because Dr. Jart didn’t separated this mask with plastic as they often do that with their sheet mask. Strangely enough, this nonexistent plastic separator got me excited, lol. I have this feeling that the mask would be as good as Mediheal sheet mask on me.


The essence and the overall feeling reminds me a lot of SNP Bird’s Nest Mask, though it’s not as good as that mask. It feels cooling, with the right thickness of the sheet mask, and the essence just easily absorb to the skin. It will definitely help to restore your hydration especially if your skin’s current condition are flakey, tight, and super dry.

I found that the consistency of the essence to be lovely! it’s not that watery, pretty milky in consistency I guess. As I am not a fan of super watery essence, I think that thisย Dr.Jart+ Reset Your Hydration Sheet Mask is one of my preferable essence for sheet mask.


Will I repurchase it? Probably if it’s on discount! However, If I have to choose, of course I would prefer SNP Bird’s Nest Sheet Mask any day. But, I’ve got to say that this Dr.Jart+ Reset Your Hydration Sheet Mask is by far, my favorite sheet mask from Dr. Jart. It definitely help to restore skin’s hydration and it works for me. It didn’t have any scent and didn’t broke me out, so it would probably work for other sensitive skin like mine!


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