Beauty Talks: Expensive Product doesn’t guarantee you a good result, darling

As much as I love my expensive, high end products, I also love to try a good dupes for them. And there are times where the more affordable products suits my preference more than expensive products (i.e: COSRX vs SK-II FTE!!) . I’m not saying that expensive brands ripped our money off, it’s just, we have different skin conditions, no one is born with the same skin types and condition. Therefore, it’s normal if we reacted to a product differently.


Just because Product A holds a holy grail status to someone, doesn’t mean that it will work the same to everyone. On the contrary, just because everyone hates Product B doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. Once again, we have different skin condition, and we shouldn’t assume that a product will work the same for all people because it won’t. 

Furthermore, your daily habits also affect your skin condition. Wether you eat healthy food or not, how often you use air conditioner / heater, the quality of your tap water, etc; could also affect your skin condition. Take me for example, if I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, there are high chances that my skin would react within a week or so. I shouldn’t be surprised if there are a few white heads or pimples here and there.

So, it’s not just the matter of the product, right?


We also have to remember that our skin could react differently towards a product. People have different immunities, therefore, they will have a certain allergies and reaction to a few ingredients while other people don’t. That’s when people should take a look at ingredients list seriously. There’s a reason why lots of beauty bloggers provide ingredients list on their review these days (and they should!), so that people have a chance to take a look and sorted out the ingredients before they decided to buy it.

As for me, I always tried to avoid product that contain tea tree and product that comes with a spray form because my skin always, always had a bad reaction with them, especially with spray form. I don’t know why, and I believe that kind of allergies is not exist yet (or maybe not many people talk about it in the internet); but every time I use any kind of spray product towards my fast (usually it’s a face mist), there will be a lot of bumps in my skin. (Kindly inform me in the comment section bellow if you know what allergies it is!)


So, my point is, there are a lot of factors that made a product do great things to our skin. And price is not always a guarantee. I realized that when I get a bad reaction from several expensive products that had so many raves from the internet *cough* Shiseido sunscreen *cough*. It’s normal when you have a high expectation when you bought a product from High-End brand, because I always have a high expectation also! But remember, when the product didn’t worked out for you, remember these factors, and trace back how good the quality of your diet and overall habits and life (stressful life could also attack your skin!).

And if the product works well on you, well, good for you! ❤ 😉

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