[REVIEW] Real Techniques Ultimate Eye Set


When I first jump into this overwhelming world that is cosmetics world, I always prefer to buy face brushes rather than eye set brushes. Because back then, I think that I don’t have any skill to do proper eye makeup. But fast forward to 2016, I was panicking because after thousands of Youtube Tutorial that I watched, I finally want to experiments with eye makeup, lol.


Our limited edition ultimate eye set is a collection of 5 favorite eye brushes. This set is the must-have expansion to our starter set.

Deluxe crease brush: soft, oversized design with UltraPlush™ bristles for effortless contouring using powder or cream shadows
Shading brush: tapered cut for max color pickup and even distribution of powder or cream shadows
Exclusive essential crease brush: soft, tapered design for effortless shaping using powder and cream shadows
Exclusive eyeliner brush: firm, angled head for optimal control along lash line while using liquid or gel eyeliner
Fine liner brush: the ultimate tool for precision application of liquid or gel eyeliner
exclusive mirror to-go case: the perfect compact case for touch ups


Obviously Real Techniques brushes would be one of the set that I’ve been eyeing for eye makeup (lol, now I totally sounds like I was sponsored by RT, I wish! 😆 ). Actually I’m considering to got Hakuhodo, Volare, or Lamica as well. However, one time I found out that one of my favorite local beauty marketplace have 30% discount for this set. To the basket it goes!


For basic eye makeup, this brush set is definitely more than enough. The ones that I frequently use for day to day makeup are Deluxe crease brush, Exclusive essential crease brush, and Shading brush. I usually put the nude base shade allover my eyelids with Deluxe crease brush, put brown/rosy shade on the lower eyelids with Exclusive essential crease brush, and I blend blend blend all of them with Shading Brush.

If I’m feeling extra, I will put darker shades on top of my eyeliner to make it looked smudges with Eyeliner brush, and put highlight shade on my inner corner with Fine liner brush. 


Will I recommend it? Of course! Similar with other Real Techniques brushes, the quality are just well made and so soft especially with the affordable price tag. However, I just realized that Real Techniques might be discontinue this brush. I don’t know if its originally Limited Edition or anything, but they currently only sold Enhanced Eye Set and Starter Eye Set. Well, you can have all of this brushes if you buy those to sets, but I believe that you can buy it separately, too. But they just no longer sold this Real Techniques Ultimate Eye Set for some reasons.

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Real Techniques Ultimate Eye Set

    1. I know right, the base shadow brush is one of my favorite as well, I always love to use it together with the deluxe crease brush for everyday look! Thank you for reading as always! 🙂 Xx

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