[WEDNESDAY MASKING] Hanaichirin Orientaru Byū Tomo Sheet Mask


This sheet mask confuses the hell out of me because it didn’t have any romaji nor English translation on it. I decided to ask my friend that took a lesson in Japanese and she said that it is mask from Brand Hanaichirin ( 花一輪 ) and the product name is Hanaichirin Orientaru Byū Tomo Sheet Mask (  花一輪 オリエンタル ビュー トモ シート マスク ) or translated roughly as Hanaichirin Oriental Tomo Sheet Mask.


My friend give me this sheet mask as a gift when her Sister-in-law visited Japan, along with the Sana Nameraka Facial Wash. I didn’t expect anything from this mask, though, since I’ve never seen its packaging around the internet and never ever heard the brand before. I figure that at least this mask work pretty similar to Lululun Sheet Mask.

During my confusing research with my Japanese-speaking-friend because I can’t speak nor read Japanese, I found out that you would mostly found this sheet mask as a bathroom amenity in the Japanese hotels. Well, I do know that most Japanese hotels would provide you basic skin care in sample sizes (double cleansing, moisturizer, etc), but I never know that there are plenty of hotels that provide sheet mask too.


This mask has decent thickness of the cotton and definitely soaked with essence. The essence itself is the watery type. So watery that it will drips everywhere, lol. They provide us with a plentiful extra essence as well that I could drenched in my arms and legs too, lol.

As for the result and the overall experience, my guess is right. This mask is definitely similar with Lululun mask in terms of result. It was just okay. It boost our hydration level due to its ingredients and essence, but nothing more than that. The mask is pretty unscented and colorless as well, if you may ask.


Will I recommend this mask? Well, it’s a pretty basic sheet mask. Moreover, I’m not sure if I could actually find it in Japanese drugstore, though, so… Nevertheless, if you happened to find this mask in your hotel bathroom amenities, I guess it’s a pretty good one to use after a long tiring day.

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