[REVIEW] Mineral Botanica Soft Matte Lip Cream


Mineral Botanica is one of the local Indonesian brand that have one of the prettiest packaging in my opinion. Their packaging always screams professional and expensive while in fact their price range mostly around $3 ~ $10. However, since they don’t have that one ultimate best-selling product, I’ve always confuse to choose anything from them. And sometime last year, I finally decided to try their Mineral Botanica Soft Matte Lip Cream in Plum Fairy.


Ever since the matte lippies craze three years ago, Indonesian market also come out with their own version of matte liquid lipstick, in which I already speak about my favorite BLP Beauty Lip Coat last year. Will this Mineral Botanica Soft Matte Lip Cream beat BLP Beauty in terms of texture, finish, and consistency?


This Mineral Botanica Soft Matte Lip Cream is very smooth during application, it’s very pigmented as well (look at that single swipe swatches above!). However, this lip cream never dries down fully matte as its promised. The thing that I hate the most from this lip cream is how this lip cream is transfers  e v e r y w h e r e. Like literally, everywhere. My water bottle, glass, food, everywhere.

The weirdest thing is the fact that the pigmentation of the lip cream never decreased on my lips although it transferred everywhere. On the brighter side, this lip cream is also moisturizing and never cracks on the lips. The pigmentation is also on point and the longevity is just awesome.


Will I repurchase it? Well, probably not. Because I have tons of other liquid lipstick that I prefer to use. Does this liquid lip beat the BLP Beauty Lip Coat? Of course, not, lol. But then again, at a price point around $4~$5, this is worth to try because the high pigmentation and the moisturizing properties. They also carry a descent range of colours and their packaging is super chic for the price.



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