[REVIEW] Dr. Jart Calm Your Sensitive Skin Sheet Mask


I think I’ve tried two or three Dr. Jart Sheet Mask by now, but honestly speaking, I don’t think that any of them impressed me that much. And now I’m going to talk about my next Dr. Jart sheet mask venture which is the Dr. Jart Calm Your Sensitive Skin Sheet Mask.


Dr.Jart+ Calm Your Sensitive Skin soothes the most sensitive skins. Smoothing and relaxing the features, cleans and gentle removes impurities. With non-drying clay and a complex of essential oils which helps soothe surface irritation & brighten the complexion. The formula helps to soften, soothe skin and keep your skin hydrated. Skin elasticity will be improved after use.

How To Use It:
1. Use after cleansing. Remove the mask from the package.
2. Apply the mask, aligning it evenly on the face.
3. Use your fingertips to gently press down on the mask to eliminate air bubbles and for better absorption.
4. Wait 10-15 minutes, and then remove the mask. Follow with your skincare routine.


It’s seems that Dr.Jart already discontinue this mask and maybe they replace it with the new mask (I know that the Deep Hydration Sheet Dermask possibly replace the Reset Your Hydration Mask. But what variants replace this particular Dr. Jart Calm Your Sensitive Skin Sheet Mask? Hmm). 


Well, in terms of the sheet mask material and essence, I feel like this mask is definitely average. This mask is pretty unscented, though, but I don’t think that they provide anything special with this mask. I don’t know if this happened because my skin is definitely not on the sensitive side that day *knock on wood*... but I’ve read a couple of reviews that saying that the mask definitely help their sensitive skin. So…. maybe if your skin is very sensitive that day, you can go and try this mask to see if its definitely helping you.


But I honestly think that I would go rather sheet mask with my Hatumogi or use cheap Innisfree or Etude House mask. But then again, maybe it would work for super sensitive skin or the days when my skin is at its sensitive. However, I don’t think that I would repurchase this mask in near future. Would I recommend it? Well…. if you don’t have sensitive skin, I don’t think that you would like this, but for extremely sensitive skin people… I hope that this mask would work well for you.


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