[REVIEW] MUJI Cut Cotton Ecru


I am very very picky with my cotton sheet. You might already notice this if you read my previous Uru Uru Cotton and Muji Cotton Puff Review. I prefer thin cotton than regular old school thick cotton because I love it when I only have to use less product with it. Regular thick cotton tends to waste my precious product, which is why for the last 1,5 years, I only use thin cotton.


However, since there are a lot of raves around this particular MUJI Cut Cotton Ecru, I am really curious to try it. Moreover, my favorite local skin care guru also loves this cotton. This cotton receives so many loves from around the world, it can be seen by how amazon and ebay marked up this cotton so high, when the original price in Japan is around $3~$4.  (I’ve seen a lot of resellers tends to sell it around $30…. so……)


For those reasons, I’ve been searching for this MUJI Cut Cotton Ecru everywhere around Jakarta. If I happened to find MUJI store, I will try to find this product. Because I simply couldn’t stand the mark up prices in the online market place. And around one month ago, I finally, finally, find the It Cotton! Yasss!


One of the reason why people love this cotton is because it’s a natural, unbleached cotton. So, you might find tiny black spots in the cotton. It’s okay, it’s not because it’s a dirty cotton, it’s because it’s didn’t went through bleaching process. And a lot people love how soft it is and the cold sensation when you put your liquid product on the cotton and you apply it in your skin. My friend that worked in Muji also told me that a lot of vape users also love to use this cotton.


Are those claims and reviews turned out to be true? Well, yes, definitely. It does feels extra and luxurious whenever I apply this cotton to my skin. My skin did felt cold upon application of my skin care product and the cotton did help to soothes my skin as well. However, I notice that this cotton soak up more product than my usual thin cotton, which is the only downside that I found with this cotton.

But, come to think of it, if I’m going to compare it to my ultimate HG Silcot Uru Uru Cotton, this MUJI Cut Cotton Ecru is not even close to my Uru Uru Cotton. I am still impressed by how cushiony, soft, and how I can use a very little product and use the most of it.


Will I repurchase it? Well, maybe sometimes, but I still prefer the Muji Cotton Puff better because I use lesser product with it. But still, it’s a nice and natural product. However, I noticed that my biggest concern when it comes to cotton is the least wastage to my skin care. So, I always prefer thinner cotton any day.

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