[REVIEW] Real Techniques Blush Brush


I guess it’s no secret that Real Techniques is my favorite brush brand so far. I’ve purchased a few of their sets, and I have to say that so far I am pretty impressed with how they performed with the affordable price tag. And I think this particular Real Techniques Blush Brush is one of my favorite among my collection. I like it so much that I even consider to buy another one. Why? Read my full thoughts bellow! 😉


The Real Techniques blush brush is preferred 2-to-1 over a leading department store brand for a flawless finish.

Our blush brush is custom-cut to contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended, high definition results.

Tapered cut to blend like a pro
Ideal for cream or powder blush


You see, people need at least one do-it-all brush. And to me, this Real Techniques Blush Brush is my do-it-all brush. Even though this brush purposed as blush brush, this is definitely one of those multi-purposed brush. There are a lot of people that love to use this as powder brush, contour brush, and bronzer brush aside of blush brush.

Though this brush is not soft enough for me for powder brush, but I love to use it as bronzer and contour brush as well. It blends seamlessly, I even prefer this brush over the original Real Techniques contour brush because I’m more into natural contour, not chiseled-instagram-look contour.


As for the original purposes, I also freaking love this brush for blush as well. It gives me enough pigment, not too much, not too sheer, and I love to pair it with any blush. My perfect combination, of course the NARS Sex Appeal and this blush. This brush also never streaks on me. Love!


Because I love to use this brush for bronzing and blush, it pains me in the neck when I need to clean it between uses. That is why I consider to buy another one for blush. But, I also been eyeing the Real Techniques Metal Collection Blush Brush because it was on sale on my local retailers……..  Oh decision, decision….


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