[REVIEW] Shiseido Perfect UV Protector WetForce SPF 50+ and PA++++


This is probably one of the most famous sunscreen in the skin care industry. Like, everyone that’s into skin care would probably put this skin care into their Holy Grail list even though the price is pretty steep at around ~$50. As a skin care fanatics, of course I always want to try this sunscreen. I decided to splurge on this sunscreen on my birthday a couple months ago and guess what? I don’t think that this Shiseido Perfect UV Protector WetForce is the one for me.


Powerfully protects the skin with a texture gentle enough for delicate skin.
Protects skin from UVA/UVB rays and helps reduce the appearance of photo-aging with exclusive SuperVeil-UV 360™ technology.

・Formulated with WetForce technology, which reacts positively to sweat and water on contact, activating additional strength within the protective veil.*
・Very water-resistant.
・Contains minimum ingredients known to irritate the skin and only carefully selected raw ingredients known for their high safety.
・Paraben-free, ethanol-free and fragrance-free, with no UV absorbers which could cause allergic reactions.
・Contains aloe extract, which has a soothing effect.
・Tested on sensitive skin and kids under dermatologist control.
・Hypoallergenic. Tearless formula.

*in vitro test



Yup, this sunscreen is the one that I talked about on my previous post before. Use it a couple of times with so many ways, and I decided that no, I wouldn’t repurchase this sunscreen no matter how people raves about it. Period. 

I have a few reasons why I decided to dislike this sunscreen. First, and foremost: The White Cast. Oh dear Lord, never in my life I encounter a sunscreen with this horrible white cast. Well, yeah, I’m well aware that physical sunscreen tends to have a white cast. But please, with my previous physical sunscreens at least the white cast is gone within 15-30 minutes. But no, with this sunscreen, the white cast won’t be gone anytime soon.

The second reason, is the fact that this sunscreen didn’t do well under makeup. Texture wise, I have no problem with this sunscreen, but back to the first reason: the white cast. Oh, the white cast. I even can’t reduce the white cast with any foundation and cushion. The result of combining makeup and this sunscreen is a horrible unnatural skin tone.


The last one, this sunscreen is painfully hard to remove. I definitely need more than double cleansing with this sunscreen, or else, I will find clogged pores and a few little bumps on the next day if I didn’t remove it properly. I have doubts that micellar water would remove this sunscreen, though, so you definitely need oil based cleanser as a first cleanser.

On the bright side, this sunscreen have wonderful texture that easily sink right into the skin. It spreads beautifully on the skin as well. Plus, if you love sports and outdoor activities such as marathon, swimming, etc, this is the perfect sunscreen for you. It will protect you from the sun with its SPF 50+ and PA++++, plus this sunscreen is water resistance.


Well, yeah, I personally wouldn’t recommend you this sunscreen especially with its high price tag. However, please do mind that this sunscreen have a lot of fans in the skin care community, so maybe, this sunscreen is simply just not the one for me. For the fans, the sunscreen maybe works fantastically and they would probably never encounter the same experience as mine, so… do your own research before you buy this sunscreen.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t waste this sunscreen even though I didn’t like, though. I will wear it on the days where I don’t wear makeup and the days when I decided to have some sports activities, because I believe that it would work wonderful for that purposes.

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Shiseido Perfect UV Protector WetForce SPF 50+ and PA++++

  1. Is it the Lighting or did you get the Light blue one? The one for children and sensitive skin?
    I personally Love the regular blue one, too bad this doesn’t work for you 😦


    1. Yeah, I think I got the sensitive skin one. Yeah I’m pretty sad 😥 I wonder if the formulation is entirely different from the regular blue one, though?


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