[REVIEW] Sana Nameraka Honpo Soymilk Isoflavone Cleansing Face Wash Foam Moist Type


When my friends’ relatives went to Japan earlier this year, I asked for Sana Nameraka Honpo Soymilk Lotion because I was pretty satisfied with the eye cream. Moreover with a lot of raves amongst it that it is practically the dupes to SK-II FTE.

However, I have to be satisfied with the Sana Nameraka Honpo Soymilk Isoflavone Cleansing Face Wash Foam Moist Type instead because they bought the wrong one from me, probably because of the packaging is in Japanese.


Facial cleansing foam with Soy bean isoflavone. Elements in soy beans help nurture the skin. Rich foam helps remove even the makeup. Skin feels smooth. Moist type.

No fragrance, no artifical colorant, no mineral oil.


But I’m pretty happy with it, though, because it works on my skin better than Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam, it didn’t dry out my skin and didn’t break me out. The tube is so big and definitely would lasted me for a while.

The foam is definitely in the thick and dense side, probably even denser rather than the Perfect Whip. The cleansing foam is never strip my skin in any ways possible and keep it relatively moist if I’m going to compare it with generic cleansing foam.


The pH level surprised me, though. Especially the fact that the pH level is at 7.5 and it never stripped my skin. Usually, when the pH level is at this level, it would stripped out the moisture outside my skin, but maybe because of the moisturizing properties that’s not come to the surface due to the lack of English information on this cleansing foam.

Even though I can’t found any information on the ingredients list yet, I’m suspecting the existence of SLS on this cleansing foam. Usually when the foam is that thick and dense, it would contains SLS, but I’m pretty happy that it didn’t (again) drying out my skin and never break me out.


The fact that this cleansing foam isn’t contain any fragrance, no mineral oil, and artificial fragrance is definitely a plus for me as I prefer anything unscented. Especially with the fact that the 150g super huge tube only cost me 700 yen. Super affordable for a pretty decent cleansing foam.

Would I repurchase it again? With pH level that high, I honestly intrigued, though. Even though these past 1,5 months at using it constantly I never experience any issues with this cleansing foam, I’m afraid that something would go wrong of I use it in a long term. Maybe if any English information available increase, and I can check the fact that the ingredients are not harmful, I would like to repurchase it again.


4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Sana Nameraka Honpo Soymilk Isoflavone Cleansing Face Wash Foam Moist Type

    1. Thank you for the information! Wow, I wonder why the pH level is so high, tough… Nevertheless this is still one of my favorite facial cleanser 😉


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