[REVIEW] Menard Fairlucent Lotion


Have I told you that Menard is one of my favorite Japanese brand? Even though I’ve only tried a couple of things from them, I feel like their formulation is really work for my skin and it’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin. After I’ve repurchased my favorite and pretty affordable Tsukika Lotion Moist, I think it’s time for me to step up and try another lotion from Menard, this time my choice is no other than the Menard Fairlucent Lotion.


A lotion with a watery texture that’s easily absorbed into the skin. Leaving your skin well -hydrated. Makes your skin soft and fine -textured, giving you a translucent complexion.

The Unique Ingredients:
APM (Stable Vitamin C Derivative)
Shirakami Yeast Extract


Skin Brightening

Vitamin C is known as a nutrient that also exists in human body, Vitamin C cannot be produced in our body, yet constantly consumed in our body. In order to maintain a fair complexion without pigmentation, it is necessary to provide plentiful Vitamin C to the skin. Fairlucent contains advance whitening ingredient – APM (Stable Vitamin C Derivative) that is smaller than nano size to restrain the production of melanin and prevent stains and freckles caused by UV rays.

Fairlucent provides 24 hours intensive treatment. To achieve a fair and flawless skin, we must take both attack and defence steps. At the same time, tackle the existing melanin for the most complete whitening solution.

Fairlucent 3 steps whitening systems: remove horny cells, UV protection and concentrated whitening give the most effective result.

*APM is contained in Fairlucent products except KAKKIRYOKUSEI (Clear Soap)

Recommended for:

Those who concern about pigmentations, freckles, and skin darkness.


The Fairlucent line is targeted for brightening the skin. As I have too many PIH and haven’t really tried a “serious” Vitamin C yet, I decided to give it a try. They have a pretty famous Vitamin C serum in the line, though, but since the price is pretty expensive, I decided to try the Lotion first.


The lotion have watery texture and really lightweight on the skin. It adsorbs pretty quickly and because I applied it with cottons, I feel like it slightly exfoliate my skin. However, though, it’s not as moisturizing as the Tsukika Lotion, but I still find it enough for my skin. It has a unique scent that reminds me of Indonesian Local Aromatherapy scent, since I quite find the scent relaxing, I don’t quite bothered by it.


As for the brightening properties, I don’t think that I notice any difference in my skin, the PIHs are still there. Nevertheless, since it’s just a toner, I think we shouldn’t hope much for the brightening effect as the famous one for brightening is the Vitamin C Serum one.

It has an uber luxurious, heavy packaging. Since Fairlucent is on a higher level and price from Tsukika, of course we expect “more” from Menard in terms of ingredients and packaging, and Menard surely didn’t disappoint us. It’s definitely not travel friendly though, but we can always use a travel size bottles and tubes so I don’t really mind.


So overall, I really like this Menard Fairlucent Lotion. Would I repurchase it? If I have extra money, well, without a doubt, however since the price is pretty steep (around $60~$70), I think I would repurchase it for special occasion. However, since I found that this toner worked pretty well for my skin, I will probably try their serum, Fairlucent Whiter Essence in near future! Hopefully it would work well for me too! 😉

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