Beauty Talks: What would you do if a product didn’t work out for you?

There are tons of beauty products in the market. And even if we have the “strongest skin” in the universe, it will eventually happened. Sometimes we found products that just didn’t work out for our skin. It will react to our skin, break out happened, et cetera, et cetera. It could be because of the ingredients that we didn’t aware of, it could be because of allergic reaction, our present skin conditions, weather, anything, really.


But, what if an expensive, well known luxury brand that you really hoped for, didn’t work out for you? It’s easier for a cheaper product, really, we can just toss it out without thinking or give it for friends or relatives; but what about expensive product that you bought after you carefully saved your money for months? What if it broke you out so badly? What would you do? 

Well, not every country have the luxury to return beauty products, mine didn’t. So sometimes return the products isn’t the option. Are you going to give them a second chance sometimes later? Or throw it out of anger?


I recently purchase a highly raved sunscreen from a well known brand, with a hefty price tag. It’s been a while since I wear a physical sunscreen, and I was surprised that this sunscreen is a physical one (well, another reason to do your own research before you purchase something, am I right?). I thought that since I don’t have any bad history with physical sunscreen and I like the consistency of the sunscreen, well, I guess it will work out anyway, what’s the worst that could happen, right?

Unfortunately, lo and behold, the highly raved sunscreen broke me out so badly. I know the culprit is the sunscreen because I’m stick to my “add one new product at a time” rules. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Not just it broke me out, I was pissed because the sunscreen gave me this horrible white cast that I haven’t experience for so long. It didn’t work out well under make up either. Oh God.


After three days straight of disappointment, I decided to give my skin a break and back to my trustee Biorè Aqua UV Sunscreen. I am hesitant to give the sunscreen another chance, yet I didn’t want to waste it especially because of the hefty price tag.

I really hope that the sunscreen would work out for me after a second or third chances, though, or else I might ended up using it as a body sunscreen.

So, have you ever felt the same disappointment when your beauty products that you really hoped for ended up didn’t work out for you? What would you do with them? Share your experience in the comment section bellow! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Beauty Talks: What would you do if a product didn’t work out for you?

  1. It once happened to me too! I was really disappointed because it was beyond my expectation, I already gave it another try but still didn’t work out then I stopped. I decided to give it to my sister because her skin seemed more fit with it. But the disappointment tho..


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