[REVIEW] IOPE Moistgen Eye Cream Skin Hydration


When I said that I used to be pretty obsessed with Korean Beauty, isn’t it weird that I’ve never tried anything from IOPE before? Moreover, when I never tried their OG Cushion Foundation. Lol, I don’t know. Sometimes when a product went a little bit way too hyped and viral, I kinda sheer away from it.

That being said, this IOPE Moistgen Eye Cream Skin Hydration is my first IOPE product. I also interested to try their Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning, but it’s still on my wishlist, together with another first essence from Primera.


Moistgen Eye Cream Skin Hydration
A moisturizing eye cream for smooth and firm eye contours
· The powerful moisturizing compounds help revitalize and boost firmness of loose and dry skin around the eye contours.
· The texture enables easy application and absorption. It richly nourishes the skin by forming a moisture-locking membrane and smoothens rough skin around the eye contours.

Dispense a sufficient amount onto fingertips and gently apply from areas below the eyes to the eyelids, drawing circles, until it is fully absorbed.


This eye cream has lightweight texture, unscented, and pretty colorless. This is a very forgiving formula for daytime, and works really well under makeup. It absorb to skin very quickly, and didn’t irritate my skin and eye area.

However, if I’ve got to be honest, I personally think that this IOPE Moistgen Eye Cream Skin Hydration is a mediocre eye cream. It didn’t do anything for my under eye area except for lightly moisturized it. The packaging is pretty and pretty lux, yes, but I disappointed that IOPE didn’t provide spatula with this eye cream. I mean, IOPE is supposed to be more expensive than Laneige, no? How can Laneige almost always provide spatula with their products, and IOPE didn’t give us one along with this eye cream?


So, overall, I think this is a meh product. I’m glad that I bought this during Black Friday discount, lol. 😆 If you’re searching for lightweight eye cream for under makeup, this is probably a good choice, but if you’re looking for a heavy duty eye cream to reduce wrinkles and/or under eye, I don’t think that this will give you any benefits, though. 

Do you have any eye cream recommendation? I know that eye cream is a pretty debatable topics in skin care, but since I have a super dry under eye, I’d rather apply a barely working eye cream for the sake of moisturize my under eye area. Please do tell me in the comment section if you have any recommendation! 🙂

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