[How-To] Skin Care Tips For Acne Prone Skin

If you follow my blog for a while, you might already know that I have acne prone skin. However, I didn’t necessarily suffer from a face full of acnes since I was teenager *Thank God* , the only time when my skin suffered from major break outs was two years ago, when I over exfoliated my skin. Nevertheless, I often had a pimple here and there , and my skin was never that clear and pore less either, and my skin do react easily from new product hence the reason why I considered my skin as Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin.

After lots of trial and errors these past couple of years, here’s my tips for Acne Prone Skin if you want to build your own skin care routine;


1. Do not. Skip Moisturizer and Hydrating Toner. Ever.

Acne prone skin tends to have oily skin type. I do understand that you would want to avoid something that trigger oil and sebum production for your skin, but here’s the thing: a well balanced skin won’t produced excess sebum and oil through out the day. Therefore, if you do have overflowing oil and sebum, there’s a high chance that your skin is not balanced or worse, dehydrated.

If you are not familiar with the concept of dehydrated skin, that is the condition where your skin dry as sahara inside and often feel tight, but it produced too much oil on the outside. It’s the sign where your skin desperately need moisture and hydration, and from my personal experience, hyaluronic acid is one of your best friend if you suffer from this condition. So, you might want to find hyaluronic acid lotion and moisturizer such as my ultimate favorite Hada Labo Gokyujun Line.

Maybe you often wonder what is the point of layering skin care if you can put a thick layer of moisturizer instead. But it’s simply just not the same. Moisturizer work as a lock on your skin care routine so that your skin’s hydration won’t go everywhere, and the one that actually does its job to hydrate your skin is actually hydrating toner or in Japan they will call it lotions. Familiar with the famous Hada Labo Gokyujun Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion or Hanyul Skin Softner? Both of them works as hydrating toner. Their watery texture will seep and adsorb into your skin way more easily and hydrates your skin from within. And the idea of the famous Korean 7-Skin, is to layer your hydrating toner seven times so that your skin stay hydrated from within through out the day.

2. Sunscreen is your best friend

Wether you have acne prone skin or other skin types, sunscreen is essentials. Ever wonder why a lot of skin care bloggers and beauty gurus emphasized the importance of sunscreen? Because the main cause of aging in our polluted Earth is UVA and UVB. Moreover, if you use actives and acids on your routine such as Vitamin C, AHA, or BHA, you basically reveal your delicate new layer of skin, and if you don’t protect it with sunscreen, it would do more harm than good. It would be guaranteed that your skin would suffer from irritation afterwards. So, stock up those SPF in your vanity, okay?

3. Don’t forget to double cleanse

If you also wonder why everyone keep repeating that double cleanse is the key, well, because it is. And it applies to literally everyone wether you use make up or not. If you use sunscreen, you also definitely need to double cleanse, because it isn’t easily removed by foaming facial wash.

It will definitely take a while for you to find the right first cleanser, but you will eventually find them. Find which one that works the best for you wether it’s a cleansing oil, micellar water, cleansing cream, cleansing balm, etc. And as for the second cleanser, it would be better if you choose a gentle, low-pH, non-SLS products.


4. Do the basics first before you decided add more steps. 

Treatment and serum are way more tricky than the basics if you want to incorporate it into your routine. Even I am not really fully figure out yet which is which, what to avoid if you use a certain ingredients, etc. Therefore, if you want to add serum and treatment, it will be better if you already build a strong foundation of your basics, which ideally consist of double cleanse, toner/lotion, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

The sentence of you need to build strong foundation of your basics is definitely important here, because in the past, when I barely know about skin care and I follow a few of famous skin care blogger in Instagram, they raved about Sunday Riley Good Genes. Without building a strong foundation of basics first, and without actually understand what exactly is Sunday Riley Good Genes, I bought the sample and everything was just going south. I didn’t exactly know which one is the main culprit of my dehydration skin back then, but I just know that the main reason it went wrong was because I didn’t build a strong foundation of my basics first. 

5. Never. Never touch your face with your hands.

Do you ever realized how many germs nesting in your fingertips right now? We unconsciously touch any kind of things through out the day; laptop, mobile phone, desk, your pets, those dusted books, and so on. Imagine if you touch your face with those fingers, the germs would transforms into pimple in no time. I notice that a lot of people didn’t realize this bad habit, and trust me, despite all of your expensive products and treatments, the pimple would reappear if you constantly touching your face with your dirty fingers, or worse, if you touch your pimple with your dirty hands. Ew!


6. Listen to your skin

You have to realize that what might works for others, might not work for you. Do not easily be tempted to use the stuff that everyone’s been raving about. Get to know more about it, do your own work: research, find about more about the ingredients list, the function, the targeted skin types, if you are pretty confident that the ingredients will work for you but it ended up not work pretty well, please, please listen to your skin. Stop it for a while, found out what’s wrong, and even if after a few trial of various “skin care cocktail” and after a few weeks it still won’t work for you, then it’s time to let it go. It’s just not for you.


7. Change your pillow case and towel often.

Believe it or not, this is probably the most helpful advice that I’ve ever learn when I was just started to build my routine. In conjunction with the point 5, you might be not realized that germs also love to nest on damp, humid condition, i.e: your towel. In order to have clear skin, you might want to change your face towel after every uses, because believe me, it works on me. There are another option if you are not environmentally conscious: wipe your face with clean tissue.

You also need to change your pillow case at least once a week because it’s also dirty without you realizing it, moreover when we might unconsciously stumbling here and there in our sleep and there’s a high chance that our face might go in contact with those dirty pillow case.

8. There is no One-Do-It-All-Product

Do not trust anything that claimed to be all-in-one product. After a lot of trial and error I realized that there’s no such thing such as One-Do-It-All-Product. If one product claimed to be one, there’s a high chance that it won’t do its function properly. For example, foundation with SPF, please, please, please, do not think as if foundation with SPF is enough for your daily sun protection, because believe me, it’s not. Moreover, as a foundation, the product will give you flash back in flash photography either. So, it’s not really recommended to use it either ways.


9. Cut your dairy, sugar, and red meat intake. If possible, exercise regularly

Although I am no longer exercise regularly for the last one year, but I have to be honest that my skin’s best condition happened when I was on healthy diet and exercise regularly. And back then I barely understand about skin care, I only cleanse my face and use moisturizer with SPF for the day time, and my skin on its best condition back in the day.

Nowadays I just try to maintain my food intake, I have to consume any kind of vegetables/fruits at least once a day, and try to eat balanced meal. If I’ve got to be honest, I think the hardest part is to cut my dairy and sugar intake. I know that both of them are the main culprit to the inflammation that can cause acne, but, my love for dairy and sugar is real! 😆 Sometimes I even prefer to eat dessert and cakes rather than to eat full balanced meal, lol. Nevertheless, nowadays, I’m trying hard to cut my sugar and dairy intake, and the result is real. I barely had blemishes nowadays *knocks on wood*, maybe it’s the current products that do wonders, but I believe that cutting down the sugar and dairy also have a role on this situation.


Yeah, so far those are my tips for you, Acne Prone Skin fellas, I will surely update it when I found another life-lesson in my skin care journey, lol. See you another time!




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