MASKING WEDNESDAY: Blossom Jeju & Too Cool For School


It’s sheet mask time again! Well, to be honest I don’t think that sheet mask is a necessity these days, especially after the controversy, lol. I consider sheet mask as an extra step in my routine, or sometimes as replacement for serum or oil, depends on the sheet mask’s step and instruction. And this time around, I want to talk about the sheet masks that I’ve tried recently, Blossom Jeju Nourishing Soy Essence Petal Mask and Too Cool For School Smart Fit 3D Mask in Whitening.


1. Blossom Jeju Red Camellia Nourishing Soy Essence Petal Mask

This is probably the most raved sheet mask in AB Community lately especially after Gothamista gushing about it. This Blossom Jeju Nourishing Soy Essence Petal Mask is surely not the cheapest sheet mask, retails at $6~$8, depends on where you buy it.

From Glow Recipe:
An ingenious two-step mask that harnesses the power of luxurious, 100% pure Jeju Camellia oil and a silky sheet mask to create a nourishing, super-hydrating masking treatment that leaves skin unbelievably smooth and supple.

The Red Camellia Nourishing Soy Essence Petal mask is ideal for those looking to plump and nourish tired, depleted skin. Steps 1 + 2 combine to create an essence-cocktail perfect for banishing dullness. Enriched with Hyaluronic acid to plump and rebuild the surface layers of the skin, along with Rosemary and Sweet Pea extracts to soothe. The addition of skin-brightening Licorice extract helps to fight hyperpigmentation and dark spots, while Broccoli and Soybean extracts heal and help the skin to glow.

I think I made mistake when I’m trying this mask. I should’ve try it after my skin get used to oils. And by the time I was trying this mask, this is the first beauty oil that I’ve tried. You see, just like another skin care item, a new skin care item, particular a new step that we’ve add, like say, first treatment, serum, or essence takes a while to get used to our skin, in short, it takes time for them before they give our skin their full benefits, and oil is no different.

During the time I’m trying this mask, I think my skin felt overwhelming by the Camellia Oil. I didn’t feel any discomfort or anything, but I think overall, this is a pretty rich mask for me, especially when my skin isn’t used to oils yet. It’s a pretty good mask, yes, but I think I will appreciate it more when my skin get used to oil. So, I would like to revisit this mask in the future to get the full benefits from it.


2. Too Cool For School Smart Fit 3D Mask in Whitening.

One of the weirdest mask that I’ve tried, lol. I wish I had the courage to upload my masking face, lol! 😆 So this mask has this weird structure, stitched at the middle front, to mimic, like its name, 3D Mask when we wear it.

However, for overall feeling and effect, I think this mask is pretty mediocre. It’s a soothing mask, with milky essence, that adsorb quickly to the skin. As for the result and all, I don’t think that this mask impressed me that much except for the weirdo structure. I don’t get the whitening effect, or any benefits except a little bit firmness and hydration, I think. Well, it’s not the most best selling mask from Too Cool For School, so I think I could understand why it didn’t impressed me that much.


Well, to conclude it, I think if you do want to try Blossom Jeju Nourishing Soy Essence Petal Mask, my suggestion is, get used to beauty oils first. So, this is not a newbie mask. There’s a high possibility that you will feel overwhelming if you a skin care newbie and you try this sheet mask.

As for the Too Cool For School Smart Fit 3D Mask in Whitening, I think you could pass it and get any Mediheal mask instead. It’s too much of a fuss to wear it, and result is so-so. Pretty much similar with Mediheal mask in terms of result.

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