[MAKE-UP] Freckles Looks

I almost never move from my comfort natural make up look these past years. Although there were days when I crazy about fuschia lipstick and a pop of aqua eyeliner, but nothing really crazy and out of my comfort zone. Even though I study in fashion field, I’ve always relied the make up to my friends who are more capable than me. And this is probably my first editorial look, and the first time I post my face since the day that I decided to turn this blog into beauty blog. I’m pretty shy, you know! 😛

Although this is nothing groundbreaking, but I decided to recreate Lizzie Parra’s Freckles Tutorial that’s surprisingly verrrry easy! You just need hair doughnut to create this fake freckles. I finally create my fake freckles looks for Tweeny Party’s wedding flower crown campaign & catalogue! 🙂








I’m sorry if this is not the usual post that you’ve been looking for —  in depth skin care review or beauty thoughts. I just want to try new things for this blog :-). But please do let me know if you want my version of the tutorial! (Since the original video was posted in Indonesian).

Thank you for reading, as always! ❤




Flower crown: Tweeny Party

Talent: Amanda, Riana, Resinta

Make Up & Photography: Amanda




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